Top 10 Best Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Old Windows

Windows are beautiful things whether they are fixed to the wall or reused for other creative purposes. When they are fixed to their frames in walls, they show us the world outside the four walls we are confined to. They can still change our worlds within the four walls even after getting dismantled if only we do not discard them as useless. Instead of discarding them as useless, they can be used for various decorative and utility purposes at home. This will add to the beauty as well as fun factor.

Here Are Some Such Creative Ideas For You To Implement At Your Homes:

1. Room Separator

Dismantled windows can be used as room separators when fixed between the rooms. Assess the size of the space available between two rooms or the room which you want to separate using these windows. Have clear idea about the utility purposes of the rooms. Fix the windows in such a manner that they can be opened when required and allow communication between the two rooms.

Room Separator

2. Cupboard Doors

Discarded windows can be used as door for cupboards and Show cases. Window panes must be cut to fit the size of showcases and racks. Once cut, they can be fixed to the walls and the once open cup boards can be used as a closed show case or closet. Windows with iron frames can be fixed to the bathrooms so a lot of storage space is available in the rest rooms also

Cupboard doors

3. Photo Frame Panes

A space allocated in the living room with huge photos of the family will get peppy when the long sized windows are used as frames. The photos need to accommodate the window frame sizes and this need to be taken care right at the planning stage. If these window panes are fixed in such a way to open and close when required, changing photos or rearranging them from time to time gives a different look to the living room.

Photo frame panes

4. Bedroom Photo

If you have a discarded window pane whose squares are equal in shape and size, the multiple frames can be used as a pane to display multiple paintings in the bedroom. The key lies in the selection of such paintings. Even paintings of children at home can be displayed through these panes which will be a morale boost as well as emotional connection.

Bedroom Photo

5. To Do Lists

Window panes can be fixed in different rooms in spots available and suitable which may be used to display the ‘To Do List’ or ‘Things to do’ or ‘Reminder’ kinds of things. This will act as a communication mode when people at home are deprived of time or miss to communicate something urgent or important to another person at home.

To do lists

6. Utility Hangers

Discarded windows with panes can be cleaned and neatly painted. Hung to the roof with metal chains, hooks can be stuck to the bottom side of the panes. Vessels and other utility material in the kitchen can be hung from this arrangement. Small weightless things can be placed on top of the structure also increasing its utility value without toppling the same.

Utility hangers

7. Staircase Decorators

Discarded window panes can be fixed in the side walls of stair cases inside the house. Arranging them as per your taste will make the space look personalized. Decorating these panes will make the area lively and colorful. Inserting photos and painting the frames in novel ways will make climbing the stair case experience an excellent memorable one.

Staircase decorators

8. Make The Wall A Window

Hanging tall window panes with glasses in a plain wall using a metal chain attached to the ceiling enhances the look of the wall, particularly in Porticos and balconies. It raises the inquisitiveness of the guests and makes them appreciate the creativity. It gives an elegant look to the overall ambience. Floral decorations around the frame with colourful flowers that would not harm the frame will add to the color of the space.

Make the wall a window

9. Displaying Items For Sales

Discarded window panes can be cleaned and painted with elegant colour and mounted on the walls. These can be fixed to the wall in such a manner that they can be opened and closed. A sating cloth or soft board fixed in between these panes will help display chains and ear rings for use or sale in a neat and colorful manner.

Displaying items for Sales

10. Garden Dining

A tilted window frame with strong classes can be used as a dining table attaching the wooden legs at the four corners or placing the window pane on a broad stone structure. This will make a good place for an evening tea or dinner in a natural space.

Garden dining

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