Vegetable Garden Hacks Every Gardener Must Be Aware Of

Vegetable gardening can be quite a time consuming process and it takes a whole lot of practice and experience to master the art properly. However; to begin with, you can use simple, easy and quick vegetable gardening hacks like the ones mentioned below to grow amazing vegetables right in your garden. These Hacks are easy to execute once learned, these will help you throughout your life for successful vegetable gardening.

Here Are Vegetable Garden Hacks Every Gardener Must Be Aware Of

1. Forks In Garden

Unwelcome entry of animals often seriously hamper the state of our gardens, especially hurting the small seedlings we transfer from their nascent homes to the garden. Hence, if you are facing such a situation and is wondering how to put an end to the nuisances, here’s a quick fix. Plant plastic forks alternating with your plants in the garden and make sure that you don’t maintain much gap between the forks and the pants so as to minimize garden hopping by animals.

Forks In Garden

2. Gallon Watering Can

Why waste your hard earned money on fancy watering cans when you can get an equally effective one without even spending a dime? Simply poke some holes in the lid of an old gallon bottle and use that to water your plants. This is at least a great way to start with for beginner gardeners.

Gallon Watering Can

3. Coffee Filter Lining

Vegetable plants when planted in pots can take time to get hold of the soil. Soil leaking from the pot can be easily prevented by lining the empty pot with coffee filter papers and then filling the pot with soil. This way the soil won’t leak out of the pot on watering.

Coffee Filter Lining

4. Photo Album Seed Organizer

Packets of un-planted seeds can often go missing due to mismanagement. However with old photo albums handy, you now won’t have to worry about storing and managing seed packets. All you will have to do is just slid the seed packets in the photo album pockets. You will simply wonder how easy and effective can this process turn out to be.

Photo Album Seed Organizer

5. Baking Soda For Tomato Plants

As wondrous as it sounds, baking soda can miraculously prevent tomatoes from turning too tart. Baking soda will alter the alkalinity of your soil, resulting in sweeter tomatoes. Just sprinkle a tablespoonful of baking soda on the soil without touching the plant itself.

Baking Soda For Tomato Plants
6. Egg Pest Protector

Tired of using pesticides on your plants? Do away with harmful pesticides and use egg shells instead. Preserve the shells of eggs you are using and then process a lot of them in your food processor to get a fine powder. Sprinkle this powder generously all around your plants and see your plants breathe pests free air.

Egg Pest Protector

7. Thick Mulch Layer

Mulching helps to save a lot of time and energy for gardeners and a thick layer of mulch helps to promote faster plant growth by maintaining a balanced temperature around the plant, retaining water and by keeping weeds out. While you can use dry leaves for the purpose, other cheap alternative available for mulching are hay straws, wood chips and shredded tree bark.

Thick Mulch Layer

8. Melon Sling

Melons tend to grow pretty big and heavy and if yor don’t want the melons to fall of their tree, you can make a simple solution for the problem – simply put the melons in heavy duty clothes and tie the clothes in a manner so that they form firm slings to fit in and hold the melons.

Melon Sling

9. Self-Cleaning Garden Toolshed

Gardening can be tedious and time consuming process and even the most experienced gardener may end up losing their garden tools quite often. However; with this self sharpening and cleaning garden toolshed in place now, you won’t have to worry missing a single gardening tool again. Simply pack a tub with some oil mixed and use it as a toolshed to plant your gardening tools in it. Sand being an abrasive helps to keep the tools sharp and clean as new.

Self-Cleaning Garden Toolshed

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