Unique Ways To Decorate Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows can be designed and decorated in many ways. However, the manner in which the kitchen window is dressed reflects the owner’s personality and style. Sometimes the kitchen window is paired with a sink, which means a lot of time is spent looking the view outside as well as inside. With most of the kitchen windows facing outdoors, they act as a primary source of natural light to the kitchen interiors. Therefore, care must be taken to decorate them in a manner that is conducive to natural light.

Following Are Some Of The Unique Ways To Decorate Kitchen Windows

1. Add Roman Shades

The Roman shades, when added to the kitchen windows, bring a perfect combination of color, style, and privacy. Roman shades have a lot of personalities and can be customized as per your choice. They can either be plain or printed.

Add Roman Shades

2. The Clean Look

Sometimes the best way to decorate the kitchen window is not to add anything at all. Yes, you read it right. If you have large kitchen windows that face a garden or a balcony, it is advisable to leave them as is. Large kitchen windows often add to the style statement and bring in enough sunlight. The simplest option, it keeps the kitchen light and airy.

The Clean Look

2. Light It Up

The kitchen like any other room in the house has its own lighting. But imagine a separate light for the kitchen window. You can do that by adding a simple pendant light or an overhead light that will look stylish and give a personality to the window. It will serve the dual purpose of providing light and adding style to your kitchen windows.

Light It Up

3. Go With Bamboo Blinds

A natural element, bamboo blinds are the hottest new trend in kitchen window décor. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and provide a classical look to any kitchen window. As bamboo grows faster than wood, they are an environmentally friendly option too.

Go With Bamboo Blinds

4. Add A Shelf

If you do not wish to add curtains or blind, you can always add a shelf. A shelf provides extra storage and display area. You can either use it for displaying miniature plants or use it as a storage option. It hides the view outside and keeps the focus inside.

Add A Shelf

5. Paint The Frame

For those who want minimal dressing for the kitchen windows, painting the window frames one or two shade darker does the trick. The paint gives an illusion of an added frame. To make it stand out, try and paint the frame in a different color (preferably metallic).

Paint The Frame

6. Try The Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains provide the right mix of light and privacy. As they hang on only half the windows, they let in ample amount of natural light for you to work and offer ample privacy for you to read your newspaper. They can be found in a variety of fabrics or can be custom made.

Try The Cafe Curtains

7. Shutters For The Classic Look

Shutters, when added to the kitchen windows, give it a cottage style classy look. Light or dark, shutters give you the option to open them partially to allow light or completely to get some fresh air in the interiors. In addition, they can be closed to avoid dust and sunlight.

Shutters For The Classic Look

Kitchen windows have a lot of visual responsibilities. Therefore, dressing it up can change the complete look of your kitchen.

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