Top 10 Spectacular Balcony Gardens That You Must See

Fresh and colourful flowers have the magical power to change your mood instantly. So, it is a wise decision to make a garden in the home. The balcony is the right place where you can make this garden. You can also set up a seating arrangement with the garden so that you can relax on the balcony after a tough day in the office. You can sit in the balcony and enjoy a cup of hot coffee in hand or else you can enjoy the colourful scenery.

Here Are A Few Ideas Of Making A Marvellous Balcony Garden That You Can See

1. Up And Down Balcony Garden

If you have a small balcony then you can try this trick. Arrange slim planters one by one from the upper portion of the railing and lower portion of the railing. Place two to three colour flower plants. You can also fix two planters on the wall with flower plants to make your garden more attractive and complete.

Up And Down Balcony Garden

2. Roof Balcony Garden

Are you living on the top floor? Then, try roof gardening. Use the railing of the balcony for gardening. Cultivate some flower houseplants. Use some bush kind of plants which you can uplift to the roof. The roof with balcony plants will definitely increase the beauty of the garden. Choose much kind of flower plants.

Roof Balcony Garden

3. Bush Gardening

Use bush kind of plant in your balcony garden, especially which you like to be on the railing planters. When the plants will grow the balcony railing will look lovely with flowers. It will like a huge bouquet is present in your balcony. The various colourful flowers will boost the scenery. You can also try to make stripes with various colourful flowers. Make this kind of wonderful balcony garden to every balcony of the flats to look more astonishing.

Bush Gardening

4. Long Colourful Balcony Garden

If you have a long, lean balcony then you can design it with colourful flower stripes. Attach planters on the upper side of the balcony railing. Use some bush kind of flower plants. For making it more gorgeous, do the same kind of balcony gardening in every balcony of your house. In fact, these types of gardening look lovely in hotels and farm houses.

Long Colourful Balcony Garden

5. Balcony And Window Gardening

Do you have windows beside your balcony? Well, it is really an added advantage to make your balcony garden more beautiful. Attach planters at a stretch from the balcony to the window. Use vibrant flower plants for making your home more gorgeous. The advantage is you can maintain your window garden easily. So, don’t worry about the maintenance of the garden.

Balcony And Window Gardening

6. Planter Garden

If you like simple and clean balcony then don’t use flowering shrub. Instead of that you can place two to three big planters with different kind of flower plants, like rose. You can also use the space of the balcony and place some planters. This way your garden will look clear, fresh and breathable. Another advantage is the large flowers will look fabulous.

Planter Garden

7. Flowery Balcony

In this gardening, you don’t need to place any planter or trees directly in the balcony. Rather, plant a tree under or beside the balcony and pull its part in the balcony. This way the tree will get a large space for growth and your balcony will look lovely with flowers. The benefit is the balcony will be clean as well. But in this gardening you have to select those trees which grow long and need support.

Flowery Balcony

8. Wall Gardening

It is not necessary to have balcony every time. If you really interested in gardening then use your walls. You can attach planters below the windows. Maintain the garden from the window. We can say the garden will help you in beautification of the house.

Wall Gardening

9. Leafy Garden

There are people who don’t like flowers. Don’t be surprised. Then also you can think about balcony gardening. Make a leafy garden instead of flowers. Attach planters on the upper side of the balcony railing and plant leafy trees. You can think about cactus trees on the sides and other leafy trees on the railing. The green garden will refresh your mind with a cup of hot coffee in the morning.

Leafy Garden

10. Ceiling Balcony Garden

There are so many people in the world who loves trees. They don’t like to miss the chance to decorate the balcony with their favourite trees. You may love their idea. Apart from the railing planers, you can place some planters inside the balcony. Have some trees which grow long and need support. You can decorate your balcony ceiling with those trees. The whole balcony will look like a green garden.

Ceiling Balcony Garden

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