Top 10 Awesome Tips On How To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Now a day where every inch of space costs like gold, especially in urban area, there are a very few who can enjoy the luxury of having a larger room. Most of us have to remain contended with our small room. But, small room does not mean that you have to stuff everything in one place and make it to look like a cage. Some decorating tips will help you to get the most out of a small space. Right types of decorating ideas make your room look larger and well organized.

Here Are Top 10 Awesome Tips On How To Make Your Room Look Bigger

1. Color Of The Room

The most important thing of a small room is its wall color. Choose a very light color like white, peach, baby pink, powdered yellow, etc. for the wall. Avoid darker shades like blue, green, violet, etc. for the small room. Color all the walls with same color to look your room big.

Color Of The Room

2. Color Of The Furniture And Windows

Color of the furniture and windows should match the wall color. It is better to choose the same shade for wall, furniture and window so that furniture does not remain prominent and they remain hidden against the wall. Same color of window makes your room looks larger as it extends its view.

Color Of The Furniture And Windows

3. Size Of The Furniture

If your room is not large enough, be careful while buying furniture. A big sofa set or a big bed do not go with a small room. It makes your room look stuffy. Keep as little furniture as possible in the room. Keep the maximum furniture against the wall and keep empty floor space as much as possible. It will make your room visibly large.

Size Of The Furniture

4. Space Saving Furniture

As a small room does not permit a large furniture, to keep your necessary goods make your furniture space saving. Make your chairs, sofas, table and beds in such a design that there must be storage underneath to  contain your books, bed cover, bed sheets, pillows, and other necessary items.

Space Saving Furniture

5. Light Colored Curtain

Light colored curtain is must for a small room. Before buying the curtain see the wall color of the room and take one or two shades lighter or deeper shade for your curtain. Mainly neutral color is preferred to in a small room. Big floral printed and dark colored curtain will make your room look clumsy. Hanging a translucent curtain over the window may make your room look large. Again, long curtains may give you a false impression of a higher ceiling and make your room look larger and more elegant.

Light Colored Curtain

6. Enough Light

Be sure that there are adequate light source in the room. If you can see everything clearly and every nook and corner of the room is clear to you, it will seem specious to your automatically. Choose white color light for your tiny room instead of tinged color.

Enough Light

7. Uncluttered Wall And Floor

Keep your room uncluttered by removing all the unwanted and unnecessary items from the room. Moreover, the necessary items should be kept inside cupboard to stop hindrance.

Uncluttered Wall And Floor

8. Floor Carpet

Avoid floral print and dark color on carpet for a small room. Instead of it prefer a striped floor carpet for a room to look visibly large.

Floor Carpet

9. Do Not Block Window

Do not block the window and let the adequate sunlight come inside your room at day time. Day light helps to look everything clear and make your room look bigger.

Do Not Block Window

10. A Mirror On One Side

If it is possible place a mirror at one side to reflect the opposite side of the wall. It helps to make your room look large.

A Mirror On One Side

Follow these tips and turn your small room visible large easily.

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