Ten Amazing Ideas For A Kitchen Bar At Home

Ten Amazing Ideas For A Kitchen Bar At HomeIn modern times, Kitchen Bar though very common but is a very interesting concept. In today’s world where majority of the couples are working with little time to look into household jobs, this concept comes very handy. At the same time, it saves on space. Most young couples where both are earning well, prefer to have a bar at home. The designing of Kitchen Bar can be done in numerous ways ranging from Wall, L-shaped, Cabinet, Stone, Window to name a few. Kitchen bar is convenient as food is also available at the same place as drinks. One would not have to move to and fro between kitchens and bar for refilling of snacks.

Some Important Features That Should Be Looked Into While Making A Kitchen Bar Are Listed Below.

1. Stools:

The foremost thing to be kept in mind while designing a Kitchen bar is the selection of stool. The stools are available in a wide variety and should be selected at par with the designing of the area. The stools should be classy, appealing and interesting. The stools may be of wood or iron. The may or may not have back support. It can also be accessorized with cushions for more comfort. The height of the stool should be carefully selected or one could select stools having height adjust-ability feature. The stools may be basic black coloured or in other brighter shades.


2. Space:

The space available for the kitchen bar would decide all other things. The designing should be such that the area available could be used optimally. The kitchen bar should not look clumsy and unorganized. Everything used in the area should be well spaced out.

3. Hanging Lights:

Hanging lights in the kitchen bar should be used in a well planned manner. A single artistically used light can make a statement. Lights add to the mood, so it should not be too bright or too dim, but just somewhere in between. Industrial pendant lighting has to be chosen as per other designing. The hanging lights should be classy and appealing.
Hanging Lights

4. Television:

If the space permits one would like to add a television in the kitchen bar. It’s a quirky idea but would add a fun quotient to the whole set up. The television set up would be unique as well as exciting. With the advancement in technology, a variety of televisions are available in varies sizes and do not really require much space.

5. Flowers:

Flowers can add freshness at any time and at any place. A flower arrangement on the kitchen bar would look beautiful. A new variety of flowers could be used for every occasion and can be placed as per convenience.

6. Wallpaper:

Wallpaper can add a regal touch to any area and hence plays a vital role while designing. The wallpaper has the power to change the way your space looks and feels. You shall use a simple looking and yet a very classy wallpapers, that instantly enhances beauty. It has a look which instantly attracts and catches the attention of the onlooker. Nowadays, the markets are filled up with a wide array of wallpapers. Each one can find something to suit their needs as well as match something to match with their theme.

7. Cemented Flooring:

The flooring for a kitchen bar area may be cemented. Cemented flooring goes well the kitchen bar and looks classy and sophisticated. Cemented flooring can also be done in different ways and gives interesting looks. It adds to the appeal of the area.
Cemented Flooring

8. Bar Platform:

The kitchen bar platform could be made of wood or marble. Both can be done in different ways and are classy as well as make a style statement. In case of both the bar could be done on different colour tones, depending on the colour background of walls and stool. The width of the table would depend upon the concept of kitchen bar as well the storage.
Bar Platform

9. Cabinets:

The storage of bottles and glasses for the kitchen bar should be chosen in a way that optimizes space utilization. At the same time, it should be pleasing to look at for the onlookers. The cabinets could be done in wood as its more durable and user friendly. The shelves would not be very wide. The glasses could be stacked in shelves or have separate space to be hung from.

10. Accessories:

To add an extra touch of warmth and liveliness, any area could be accessorized. Some accessories that could be used for Kitchen bars are quirky hangers, self-designed bottles with LED lights, crystals and other decorative pieces.
AccessoriesThese are a few amazing ideas to add to a Kitchen bar area.

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