Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Wall With Your Family Photos


There are so many different materials that we can use for making sensational changes in our walls like – wall ornaments, art images , Collages etc.. But using your family photos on your wall is a great idea to spruce the place, moreover, it is an exceptional way to showcase your most favorite family moments to your guests. Arranging Family photos creatively is a big question for everyone, so here we are sharing some stylish and creative ways to arrange your family photos on your wall.

1. Same Colour Frames But Choose The Different Designs:

Picture frames of same color but different in sizes could be used to create a unique and stylish decor. This way is best for those peoples who has the variety of pictures in sizes at their home and want to display all together. Simply choose the same color of frames but yes different in sizes and trust me it will definitely add a new modern touch to your wall.

Same Colour

2. Simply Grids Pattern Style:

Arranging Pictures in a grid pattern is the most traditional way of displaying your family photos, but even being a traditional way, this style works for everyone at any time. As it help you to get rid of the maze of thinking the patterns to display the photos on the wall. One thing I would like to mention here is, if you are going with this grid style, prefer the square size frames because the grid pattern works best with the square frames.

Simply Grids Pattern Style

3. Decorate Staircase Wall:

Now the staircase wall, a place where you don’t have many options to decorate a wall. So decorating your staircase wall is a great idea to liven up that place with your family photographs. You can use the colorful background frames to give, the more artistic touch.

Decorate Staircase Wall

4. Try Some Antique Frames:

Here is another option to set your photos in a beautiful and classic way. Using antique photo frames on your wall can add a rich feel to your home. These frames are ideal for any picture to be getting framed with portrait or landscape sizes.

Try Some Antique Frames

5. Mix And Match:

This one is a little more creative, so if you want to give something extra effective to your wall you can choose this way of mix and matching black and white photos with colored photos. Hanging with some black and white pictures and few colored photos on the same wall gives you an artistic feel every time you see it.

Mix And Match

6. Use Pin Boards:

Yes, you can also use pin boards to hang photos on a board with the help of some pins. It could be a great idea to showcase your latest trip or event snaps all together. The best thing about using this way is that, you can easily change the pictures with the latest ones.

Use Pin Boards

7. Mix It With Words:

To add some emotional touch to your place, it is a great idea to mix pictures with some words or sayings. Go with some emotional words or sayings to showcase the love & bond of your family.

Mix It With Words

8. Wall Clock Photo Collage:

Having a wall clock photo collage on your wall can simply change the whole view of your room. A designer wall clock with your photos is all enough to break the monotony of your wall and will adorn your room with all your cherished memories with your family.

Wall Clock Photo Collage

9. Hanging Photos On A String:

Here is another simple method to display your photos on your wall. This idea works best to decorate the wall of your children’s room. Just grab some clips and wire, hang the photos and you are ready to showcase the bunch of family pictures all together on one wall.

Hanging Photos On A String:

10. A Tree Collage:

This one is the most artistic way to display the pictures on a wall. Moreover, this style allows you to create a stunning view of your family photos. So, if you want to display the pictures with some extra effects on your wall, then you can go with this tree collage style to showcase the roots of your family.

A Tree Collage


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