Make Your Home Beautiful With Easy-To-Do Terracotta Decor Ideas

Terracotta pots serve more than items that can be used to grow plants. With some creativity they can be transformed into beautiful home decor items, that can be placed inside the living or dining room else in outside areas like the garden or porch.

Here Are Ways To Make Your Home Beautiful With Easy-To-Do Terracotta Décor Ideas

1. Embellish Pots With Sisal Rope 

Bare terracotta surface can be a bit rustic, so spruce it up with sisal rope. Apply glue from the base and from here apply it for five inches above. Wind the rope across the pot moving from down to up. As you move over the upper parts, apply glue first and then stick the rope. When you reach the top, use more glue to stick the end firmly to the pot.
Embellish Pots With Sisal Rope

2. Red And White Colored Pots 

Paint all the pots completely in red and allow them to dry. Use white paint to make dots all over the body. You can also make stripes across the body or the pot’s rim. The red paint has a very striking effect and gives a fabulous look to an otherwise mundane looking terracotta plant pot. Allow to dry.

Red And White Colored Pots

3. Oil Based Enamel Paints 

This is a very simple way to decorate terracotta pots. Get the pots that need to be painted ready by doing a simple wash with water. Allow them to dry. Get oil based paints in pastel shades. Start the coloring by applying white primer paint over the surface. Do this for all the pots that need to be painted and let the paint dry. Next apply oil enamel paint of your choice on each pot. This simple technique can change an ordinary looking pot into an attractive piece for your indoor plants.
Oil Based Enamel Paints

4. Applying Puff Paint

Puff paint adds a rustic appeal to an ordinary terracotta cot. Use the paint to draw a lovely design all over the pot and transform it into an attractive piece. This paint can be applied on pots of any size, indoor as well as outdoor ones. The design work can be completed in less than twenty minutes.
Applying Puff Paint

5. Stick Glass Gems

A stone covered pot is very attractive to look at and reflects light beautifully. Get colored glass stones or gems and stick them to the pot using a strong adhesive. Start by applying glue just below the rim of the pot and then stick the stones. Repeat this process for the entire pot.

Stick Glass Gems

6. Mosaic Effect

Get a ceramic tile or perhaps small tiles of various shades. Put them together in a plastic bag and break them into pieces using a hammer. Stick each piece to the terracotta pot surface using a thick adhesive. Brush the adhesive on the surface and affix the tile to it. Set aside to dry.

Mosaic Effect

7. Pencil Sheath 

You can cover a terracotta pot with pencils by first applying glue to the surface and then sticking the pencils on it one by one. Choose colorful pencils to give a vibrant look to the pot. Stick a bow to the front and you are done.

Pencil Sheath

8. Lighthouse

A set of terracotta pots can be used to create a miniature lighthouse that can give a very dramatic effect to your garden space. Get four pots, each in descending sizes. Paint the rims of all pots in white. Place the first pot upside down and other pots one on top of the other. Glue plastic windows to all pots except the top most one. Place a solar tea light on the topmost pot to finish the look.


9. Pot Wreath 

This will look beautiful when hung on the door. You need small terracotta pots of various sizes to make it. Next get a large wreath and lay it on the table. Stick the pots to the wreath using strong glue. Make them tilted before sticking so that you get a natural look. As you stick the pots you will notice them touching one another. Once again use glue to stick such pots together and hold them in place. Cover the wreath base completely with pots. You can place small plants in some pots to complete the look.

Pot Wreath

10. Glittery Effect 

Gold glitter leaves a stunning effect on a painted terracotta surface. Paint pots completely in white. Get glitter powder and Mod Podge glue. Apply the glue at the bottom and then sprinkle glitter. Do this for a three inch area from the base of the pot. You can also print out sayings on gold paper and stick them using Mod Podge onto the pot surface.

Glittery Effect

11. Dip Die Effect

You will need small terracotta pots of various sizes. Have them all painted in white. Take water in a bowl and pour tumble tie dye paint into it. You can pour a single color else two or more colors to get a vibrant color mix. Dip the terracotta pot into water. You can dip the entire pot or just one half of it. Dipping once will get only a light coat on the surface. Dip it again and you will get a stronger coat.

Dip Die Effect

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