Innovative Home Decor Ideas That Bring On The Retro Look

The retro look is in because it can turn an ordinary room into something chic and charming. The old world charm never fails to hit a mark and you can find so many vintage decorating options available ranging from simple to elaborate. Replace just a small item on the wall with one that has a vintage look else bring in a retro style furniture set into the living room for a transforming effect.

Here Is A Look At Some Interesting Retro Home Decor Ideas

1. Make A Wall Shelf From Pallets

Pallets can be used to make a rustic wall shelf that holds small items, curios and plants. Look into a shelf pattern, arrange the pallets accordingly and connect them with nails or wood glue. The resulting self will be an amazing decor item in addition to sufficing as a place to store things.

Make A Wall Shelf From Pallets

2. Make Candle Holders From Old Funnels

Don’t throw away any old funnels as they can be converted into candle holders. Turn them upside down to place candles. Put a lace mat beneath and set them on the coffee table or dining table for a dramatic effect.

Make Candle Holders From Old Funnels

3. Turn An Old Basket Into A Storage Items

An old basket in the house can be varnished and added to the bathroom for storing towels. The basket’s rustic look will make the place look different and add a unique charm to it. If you have two or three baskets, club them together using glue and hang them from the wall for storing bathroom items.

Turn An Old Basket Into A Storage Items

4. Make A Ceiling From Old Wood Pallets

Old pallets can be remodeled into a new ceiling that has a stunning effect. Make use of pallets that are in good condition, which means they must not be cracked or broken. Use sand paper to smooth the surface and affix them to the ceiling using wood glue and nails.

Make A Ceiling From Old Wood Pallets

5. Use Vintage Suitcases As Shelves

Put your vintage suitcases to good use by turning them into wall shelves. Clean the exterior and have them mounted on the wall. They serve as lovely decor items and at the same time offer storage functionality. Their retro look will turn an ordinary wall into an interesting space and give it a totally different look.

Use Vintage Suitcases As Shelves

6. Convert Old Dresser Into Wine Cabinet 

An old dresser is just perfect for storing wine bottles. Remove the drawers and make the shelves an open space for storing wines. Put a small rack in front of every shelf panel so that you can lay down the bottles comfortably.

Convert Old Dresser Into Wine Cabinet

7. Turn Old Handkerchiefs Into Curtains 

When you find handkerchiefs which are in fairly good condition, have them washed and ironed. Now sew them together to form a curtain. Add rings at the top and you are done. Hang them on the bedroom windows and give a charming look to the place.

Turn Old Handkerchiefs Into Curtains

8. Cover Up 

Getting retro or vintage style furniture from the flea market isn’t enough to bring on the old world charm. Cover the item in patterned blankets to give the place a cozy and warm look. You can also have covers stitched from material that has a vintage look.

Cover Up

9. Retro Look Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can bring on a spectacular effect. Place them in an area where soft wind gushes through to get a lovely sound. Buy one with a retro look to give an old style look to the surroundings. Old style chimes are usually bigger-sized and have lots of chimes, giving off more sound them regular chimes.

Retro Look Wind Chimes

10. Make Use Of Baskets 

Baskets give a natural and rustic look to the room in which they are placed. Use large baskets to store items and place them in an open shelf for all to see. Baskets with interesting weaving patterns and bright colors will transform the place with their attractive hue.

Make Use Of Baskets

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