Fun Plate Wall Decor Ideas

Have you thought about decorating your walls with kitchen plates? An inexpensive and fun way to decorate, plates can be used to decorate walls. Decorating walls with plates is an easy and versatile idea.

Here Are Fun Plate Wall Decor Ideas

1. Decorative Plates

Decorative or colorful plates are a great way to add color to an otherwise boring room. To give it a more asymmetric feel, put plates of different sizes and colors on a dark background. The unsuited plates give a look of a unique composition. The plates could be smooth or carved, pastel or dark.

Decorative Plates

2. Cluster Them Up

To make an interesting piece of art, try and cluster big colorful plates. The cluster could hold plates of different colors or of the same color. For a classy look, mix-n-match plates with different colors and patterns. For a true style statement, try adding grouping brilliantly colored or textured plates together.

Cluster Them Up

3. Random Design

To make a unique decorating statement, display different plates in a random manner. You can either arrange the plates randomly on the wall or arrange them in a design (either vertically or in straight line). To experiment, try arranging plates in cool designs based on natural elements like a flower or the sun.

Random Design

4. Put Them On Rack

To give a different look to your walls, try wall plate racks on a blank wall. Try and incorporate racks with different colors based on seasons or holidays. You can also use a shallow plate display rack. A simple plate rack with color-coordinated pieces of plates looks great.

Put Them On Rack

5. Geometric Design

For a minimalistic look, go for a simple square or circle design. To make it look more effective, try a design pattern with similar colored plates. Plates in different colors and patterns look great on a boring white wall.

Geometric Design

6. Vintage Style

If you have a vintage plate collection, it’s time to get it out. This collection can be put together on a wall in the family room. A perfect vintage-style idea is to cluster these family heirlooms on a bathroom wall.

Vintage Style

Designing walls with plates can be fun, so try out classic designs or come up with your own new creative plate arrangements.

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