Eleven Coastal Look Dining Room Ideas

Eleven Coastal Look Dining Room IdeasDining room is the central part of every house and therefore, of immense importance. A room that you need to cross anytime you are moving about the house needs to have a relaxed and laid back feel. Dining area is also witness to several get together, celebrations and a part of routine meals so it also needs to be spaced out well. These days’ people decorate their dining rooms in numerous ways, taking inspirations from different regions globally. One such theme that is trending is the Coastal themed dining areas. Just as the name suggests the theme is related to seaside area. The shades of blue, white, grey and brown are widely used in this theme. The style has class, fashion and a very soothing effect. It is the perfect dining room inspiration for all those who want their dining areas to have class and at the same time want comfort and laid back feel. There several marvelous ways in which you can make up a coastal inspired dining area.

Some Of The Most Amazing And Eye Catching Ideas For An Coastal Look Inspired Dining Area Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. Furniture:

The main furniture in the dining room is the dining table and chair set. It is very important to select a dining table set keeping in mind the requirement for seating, the space available and the theme. To match with the Coastal theme, the table could have a weathered look accompanied with wicker chairs. The chairs could also be mismatched in neutral shades to add character to this open, inviting space. The chairs could be done up with covers in hues of blue and white. The dining set chosen should not be too formal which would be a misfit for daily usage.


2. Lights:

The lighting in Coastal themed dining space is generally done up in a way that provides enough brightness to the room. A statement piece of lighting not only stands out but also adds a clean, simple and sophisticated look. Chandeliers may be in the shapes of shell, water bodies or other features present in coastal areas. The lighting could also be done in ordinary way to give a relaxed feel. Then the overall effect is warm and practical.


3. Crockery:

Any dining space is incomplete without crockery. The crockery for coastal inspired dining room would be simple and nothing too fancy. It would preferably be in colours of white with a blue and golden touch. Floral patterns on crockery would also be quiet apt.


4. Carpet:

Carpets are one of the best ways to give your dining area Coastal inspired look. A carpet also makes your room look neat and very striking. Rugged brown carpets may be used. These days carpets are widely available in several shapes, sizes, colours and textures. You can choose a carpet which matches your needs and at the same time is easy to maintain and keep. Carpets change the whole look and feel of a room.


5. Doors And Windows:

Coastal areas are wide and open. Therefore, for a dining space to match this theme should have wide doors and windows. Floor to ceiling window makes a room look large and never ending. Window seats may also be added to add a dash of casualness. It also adds a relaxed feel. A small pattern on the windows can add brightness. Architectural patterns should be focused.Exposed brick can add architectural charm to any corner. Doors could also be wide and be of sliding nature. This also saves on extra space.

Doors And Windows

6. Accessories:

Coastal themed dining rooms can be accessorized very well. Just single bulky pieces add a statement and class to the whole room. For example an over sized candelabra or a simple, sculptural centerpiece would suffice and add class to the whole room. Other accessories that may be used are hanging wreaths, bamboo cutting boards and more. In additional flowers can also be used to add brightness and liveliness at any times.


7. Curtains:

The curtains are one of the most important components and accessories of a perfect coastal inspired room. You need to make sure that your room has some lovely and stylish curtains. The fabric used for the curtains of the room can be floral, simple and elegant. It shall add class and style. This will not only enhance the look of your room but will also give your room a very breezy look. Moreover, curtains should be chosen in hues of blue and white to keep with the theme.


8. Cabinets:

Cabinets are an important part of any dining space. Cabinets in Coastal inspired dining room would be made in wood of dark colours. Old furniture may also be used by having them painted again. It is general used to store the crockery and also shelf the treasured memorials. These add a personalized touch to the room and give a cozy feel.


9. Ceiling:

Ceiling of a Coastal inspired dining room could be done up with the same wood as the dining table. The ceiling could also be done in a simple way and given a fresh coat of paint. The higher the ceiling gives room larger look and feels more airy.


10. Wallpaper:

For adding a Coastal inspired dining room the wallpaper used plays a very important role. The wallpaper has the power to change the way your room looks and feels. You shall use a rich looking and very classy wallpaper. Floral designs, patterns matching seaside and in shades of blue and white will be most apt. It has a look which instantly attracts and catches the attention of the onlooker. There are a wide number of rich wallpapers with some beautiful designs available and you shall pick up the most stunning and eye pleasing one for your bedroom.


11. Frames:

The advantages of Coastal inspired dining areas is that a lot of things could be done by oneself if you under a tight budget constraint. DIY decorations also give a personal touch.Its add life and vibrancy to a room. One could hang a classic, over sized drum shade or add a striped rug underfoot.

FramesThese are a few amazing ideas to add to a Coastal inspired dining area.

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