Eight Amazing Ideas For A Lovely Smoking Room

Lovely Smoking Room

Many of us have members in our homes who smoke a lot while there are some who don’t smoke at all. It often becomes extremely difficult for the non smoking members to tolerate and inhale the smoke. It is also extremely harmful for the children at home. It becomes extremely essential in such situations that you have a separate corner or area for smoking. It is a great idea to have a smoking room in the house. It is the perfect place where the smoking members of the house can sit and smoke in peace. There are a number of amazing ways to have a lovely smoking room.

Some Of The Most Amazing Ideas For Your Smoking Room Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. Dim Light

The light in the smoking room shall be chosen with a lot of care and after proper conviction. You shall use lights which are not extremely bright or loud. You shall use lights which are a little dim and which illuminate the room in a slightly proper manner. The light shall be adequate to light up the room.

Dim Light

2. Chairs

You shall place a couple of chairs in the smoking room. The smokers can get a luxurious feel in the smoking room by smoking and sitting on a luxurious chair. This will also give the smoking room a luxurious and classy look. These days there are a number of amazing and comfortable chairs which are available and you can pick the best one from the market.


3. Recliners

Many people love to sit in the smoking room and simply chill. They may even want to take a small power nap in the room. The placement of a recliner in the room will work wonders not only for these people but also for the look of your smoking room. It will give your smoking room a nice and an enhanced look.


4. Lamp Shades

Lamp shades always add a classy and an appealing look to any room. These days there are some stunning and absolutely fantastic lamp shades which are available. You can pick the most amazing lamp shade for the smoking room of your home.

Lamp Shades

5. Coffee Table

A coffee table with a couple of pieces kept on it looks absolutely lovely in the smoking room. This will complete the look of the smoking room and will also enhance the look of the room. You can also pick a table which has a couple of cabinets where you can store a few things as well.

 Coffee Table

6. Painting

Paintings on the wall of the smoking room are a great idea. The paintings will add a nice look to the smoking room. You can choose a painting which a hint of colours and this will give a colourful and a slightly brighter look to the smoking room.


7. Window

Proper ventilation is extremely important in a smoking room. You shall make sure that the smoking room in your home has a couple of windows. This will give the smoking room a nice and an attractive look and most importantly it will also keep the smoking room well ventilated.


8. Games

Games are a great way of entertaining yourself and keeping you busy amidst all the loneliness and boredom. You can always add a few interesting games which can include a couple of amazing table and board games in your smoking room. This will not only give your smoking room an interesting look but will also enhance its look and will keep you entertained.

GamesThese are a few amazing ideas for an amazing smoking room for your home.

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