Easy Steps To Install Rain Water Collection System By Your Own


Nature gives us many things and we are totally depend on it, so we should be careful while using the products of the nature as they can be easily wasted. Water is the most important source of the life and we there are many uses of it also, we get the drinking water from the river and from the rain, but there are many places which encounter less rain, so they need to collect the water as the rain water is the purest form of the water, here is the step by step complete process to collect the rain water.

1. Setting Up Vinyl Rain Gutter:

There is the place down to the shed of roof, so you need to take the vinyl rain gutter and place it to the place, now you should make the slope in it, take the drill machine, add the screw to it, now tighten the screw and fix the rain gutter to the wall.

Setting Up Vinyl Rain Gutter

2. Installing Down Spout:

Now need to take down spout and place it to the sides of the vinyl rain gutter like that the rain water should drop in the down spout, you can just throw the water on the roof and check it, there are blocks of the spout, so you need to cut it out and make sure that the starting end should be blocked, tighten it with the screws so that the spout should be properly fixed to the rain gutter, now you need to take the snaps and place it on the top of the spout, so that the hard particles will not mix up with the water.

Installing Down Spout

3. Install The Water Pipe:

In the middle of the spout, you need to cut it, place the water pipe assembly in it, now take the water pipe and insert it to the holder, make it tight or you can seal it also.

 Install The Water Pipe

4. Cover The Water Tank:

Now you need to take the black plastic bag, measure the dimensions of the tank, draw the dimensions on the plastic bag, cut it accordingly, spread the plastic bag sheet, place the tank on it, wrap the tank with the bag, make sure the water outlet cap should be remained open, now at the top of it, cut it in cross and open the water inlet cap and make it tight.

Cover The Water Tank

5. Place The Tank:

Now you need to place the tank near to the installed pipe, for this first make the leveled surface, dig the ground according, now take the four cemented block, place it to the corners of the leveled surface, now place the tank on the blocks.

Place The Tank

6. Finalize The Whole Things:

Now you need to take the 3 inch PVC pipe, place it to the top of the water inlet cap, now draw the dimensions on it, now the hole cutting tool and cut out the cap according to the size of the pipe, now take the PVC pipe T and insert this to the cap, take the water sealant seal it to the water now take the one end of the pipe insert it to the T and take add the clamp to it and then tight it with the screw, the other end of the pipe will be installed to the pipe of the down spout, check any leakages in it. The rain water collection system is now ready to use.

Finalize The Whole Things


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