9 Trendy Glass Cabinets For Your Kitchen


Modern kitchen have a lot of variation in the decoration of the kitchen cabinets, the cabinets can be made of the wood, or the panels made of glasses or the whole cabinets made of glass, whatever may be the mode or theme of designing each and every theme is variable with various output of designs. The wooden cabinets with glasses of various types are found to be applicable in the interior decoration which provides the kitchen with higher sense of creativity for the kitchen, depending upon the types or patterns of glasses are used in the decoration of the glass cabinets in the kitchen.

1. White Or Colored Carved Designs:

Kitchen cabinet fixed with glass can be carved with white colored pattern, carved with beautiful designs that may be floral or any other decoration that will give the cabinets a fascinating outlook. The white color on the plain transparent glass executes the finest and clear appearance of the designs, other colors can also be used to carve designs on the glass, matching the wall paints used, which will give the whole kitchen an extra ordinary look. The designs may be colorful or white carved on the glasses executes a stylish appearance to the cabinets of the kitchen.

White Or Colored Carved Designs

2.  Transparent Glasses Cabinets:

One of the extraordinary looks of the kitchen cabinets are the transparent glasses, that are also the traditional forms used in the kitchen even today, the best part of the cabinets are the things kept in the cabinets are easily visible, which you do not require to remember the place where and what types of the ingredients and jars are kept, the glasses should be cleaned regularly to keep the glasses clear, these cabinets can used as the crockery shelves, increasing the splendid look of the space in the kitchen.

Transparent Glasses Cabinets


3. Seeded Glasses Cabinet:

The glasses of the cabinets in the kitchen with a seeded appearance, one of the finest form of glasses easy to maintain which renders the cabinet with a hazy outlook. The thick glasses are long lasting and fine aesthetic features, the glasses are not glossy or shiny and at same time with very less or unclear transparency, the texture of the glass on the cabinets provides a stylish look to the cabinets of the kitchen and the space of the kitchen accompanies a different along with a distorted vision to the things inside the cabinets giving a little amount of privacy with an appealing gesture.

Seeded Glasses Cabinet

4. Frosted And Colored Etched Glass:

Decor the cabinets of the kitchen by breaking the monotonous look by fixing with the colorful frosted glasses, along with the colorful kitchen it provides a good amount of privacy to the kitchen used ingredients, though you have to keep in mind the places of the ingredients as it is not clearly visible. The kitchen becomes colorful with a improved architectural view of the interior, provided in the kitchen, various colorful glasses are available with various designs of the glass panels that can be used in the kitchen for a different, modish and stylish appearance.

 Frosted And Colored Etched Glass

5. Frosted Glass:

Beautiful carved wooden cabinets with the frosted glass fixed in the panels of the wooden cabinets looks amazing that gives the appearance of the frosted ice looks to the glasses, which are partially transparent, these glasses are very rare found in the decoration of the interior in the kitchen because of the less or unclear visibility of the glasses, but these glasses exhibits a warm gesture to the space and at the same time provides a privacy required in the kitchen specially if it not a closed kitchen, an open kitchen with  a dining room may require a have a privacy for the outsiders of the family, so these types of glasses are helpful and decorative.

 Frosted Glass


6. Multicolored:

Make your kitchen warm with colorful glass cabinets etched with the figures on the glasses fixed within the cabinet panels. The glasses can be of same color matched or contrasted with the kitchen wall paint, two or more color used in the cabinets makes the room designed with a colorful feeling making the interior of the kitchen more attractive and playful, the interior of the kitchen may be different from any other with the various shades of the same or different colors.



7. Sandblasted:

One of the most commonly used is the sandblasted glasses for the kitchen. The cabinets with these glasses provides a privacy that is required for an open type of kitchens, the storing of the things and providing a privacy can be obtained from the sandblasted glasses, no transparency is seen in the glass but at the same time gives an extravagant look to the modern kitchen with the stylish glasses, adds more lust to the cabinets when figures such as different fruits or flowers are alloted on the glasses of the cabinet.



8. Figurative Cascades On Etched Glass:

Nothing can be more attractive when figurative cascades on etched glasses are fixed in the cabinets of the kitchen. The colorful or colorless transparent cascades are available that is one of the modern and innovative features of the glasses, it makes the kitchen interior look different and provided with a style, the cabinets have privacy for the storing of the kitchen materials or ingredients. The transparent glasses for the closed kitchen may be appropriate that will give a clear visibility, look clearer and modish at the once, whatever may be the figurative cascades on the glasses will initiate an extraordinary appearance to the kitchen.

Figurative Cascades On Etched Glass

9. Mixed Glasses:

The mixed form of glasses can be placed on cabinets in the kitchen in different forms or styles depending upon the width and height of the kitchen. The glasses may be a mixture of colors, patterns and styles. The kitchen decorated with such glass patterns are found to bring a variation in the styles of the decoration the kitchen. The cabinets looks extravagantly funky and stylish along with playful ideas of the mixed glass uses for the cabinets, the way of mixing may be of same patterns on different colored glasses or vice versa, both will make the decoration splendor.

Mixed Glasses



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