9 Trendy Decor Ideas For Small Living Room


Do you despair of having to make do with a small living room? In this day and age of city living and apartment complex, finding large living spaces can be quite difficult if not impossible. Most of us have to make do with what we have and personalize our living space as uniquely as possible.

You Can Make The Most Of Your Small Living Room And Make It Appear Stylish And Trendy With The Following Ideas.

1. Colors

Painting the walls with light colors like white, mild yellow, baby blue or even mint will make your living room look larger. This is because, dark colors tend to absorb light while light colors reflect it. This doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with colors. Placing statement furniture pieces in attractive, bold colors will add style to your living room.


2. Avoid Bulky Furniture

Overstuffed or bulky furniture will eat up floor space in a small living room. Make use of stylish, low-profile sofa with legs instead of stuffed ones to free up floor space. Instead of one big coffee table, two smaller ones can be used as they can be moved around easily. Glass tables also trick the eye and make the living space appear larger than it actually is.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

3. Hang Curtains High Up

Hanging the curtains high up from the ceiling instead of just above the windows will provide an illusion of height and airiness. Also, covering the ceiling with wallpapers or painting them a darker shade than the walls will create an illusion of higher ceilings.


4. Striped Floors

Vertical stripes on the floor will create an illusion of longer room length. You can go for rugs with standard black and white stripes or experiment with different colors. Placing a light colored rug over dark floors will also make the living room appear larger that it actually is. You can also use different rugs under different sets of furniture for added effect.


5. Floating Shelves

Plain walls can be well-utilized by installing floating shelves and using them for storage. Instead of using display units in the living room, you can use floating shelves to free up floor space. Mounting TV on the wall and using floating shelves for DVD/entertainment unit will save up space in the living room and make it appear larger.


6. Merge Rooms

This is not an easy idea to implement but merging rooms will create more space. You can remove doors between rooms and use curtains instead to make your living room look larger than it actually is. Removing walls between the dining and living room will create one large living space.


7. Multipurpose Furniture

Try to go for multi-purpose functional furniture instead of ordinary ones. For example, you can get custom made sofas or coffee tables with built in storage. A writing desk can double up as dining table when you are entertaining guests.


8. Windows

Having large windows in the living room will make the space airy and create an illusion of space. This is because abundance of natural light will give the space more depth. If you are worried about privacy, you can always use lightweight fabrics or shades on the windows to let the light in.


9. Mirrors

Placing mirrors strategically in the living room will reflect light making the room appear larger. One of the best positions to place the mirror is opposite windows so that natural light gets reflected. You can use one large mirror or try grouping together several small mirrors to create the illusion of space.


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