9 Super Stylish Interior And Exterior Use Of Polycarbonate Sheet


Privacy is what every home cherishes and using glass may not always be the viable option. Polycarbonate sheets are a more sought after option when it comes to translucent material to be opted. They are popularly called as plastics and enjoy a very dominating market today because they are lightweight, durable and cost wise very affordable and are thermoplastic in nature. They are available in a wide range of colors including standard colors such as clear, translucent white and bronze. Usage of these colors in the interior bring about a diffused daylight effect and also help plants to draw the benefits of sunlight in the indoors. These sheets  can withstand structural requirements because of their fluted twin wall structure interconnecting two sheets with vertical fins or ribs. These sheets are 200 times stronger and require very less support accessories as compared to glass and are mist proof.

1. Privacy Screens:

Contemporary living today is confined to studio apartments and there is a desire to increase space within limits. Popular and much acceptable on a cost scale affordability and privacy content, are translucent partitions. Polycarbonate sheets are much appreciated for their functionality as room space dividers , and are available as aesthetic decorative dividers.

Privacy Screens

2. Kitchen Pantry Solutions:

Kitchen is the hub of a home where everybody in a family drops in. It is also the place where the maximum stains and wet work takes place. The pantry in the kitchen is an integral storehouse and requires the best display and easy to handle solutions. Fire and scratch resistant poly carbonate sheets are now widely used in pantries. They are, easy to dismantle and requires very less labor and time. These sheets are available in varied colors and designs to brighten your kitchen.

. Kitchen Pantry Solutions

3. An Awesome Skylight In The Interior:

A skylight is a window fitted in the roof of a room to admit sunlight. Skylights help to maximize daylighting when combined with regular side windows. Saving electricity and going green is the need of the hour today. Contemporary and futuristic interiors take care to minimize the environmental impact of using electricity during daytime. The skylight is the obvious answer to address such necessities. Polycarbonate sheets are the best choice to be used in skylights since they help to filter the harmful UV rays of the sun, encourage sufficient lighting during daytime and create the right lighting effect to enhance the ambience of the room.

An Awesome Skylight In The Interior

4. Create An Opulent Garden Wall:

Used in the exterior of the house, polycarbonate sheets are a visual treat for the eyes. Being mist and frost free, they are affordable in their maintenance and easily replaceable. An interplay with corrugated metal lends a touch of tradition and class if this style is adopted. Lit with appropriate lights during the twilight and night times they create an aura of warmth all around.

Create An Opulent Garden Wall

5. Glazing Application And Overhead Covers:

Ultraviolet radiation is that part of energy that comes from the sun that is invisible. Repeated exposure to the Ultraviolet rays is harmful for the skin and also UV-B rays reduce the chlorophyll photosynthesis function in plants. Yet, the sun rays are a natural Vitamin-D source that is most required in moderate quantities. Even during cold winter tropical plants grow well due to the thermal effect generated by polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate sheets are designed to be protective against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and are the best choice for overhead glazing applications.

Glazing Application And Overhead Covers

6. Trendy And Contemporary Facade:

It is indeed the need today to conserve natural energy and go green. Mechanical cooling more often is not very cost effective and emissions of artificial lighting are harmful to the environment and the occupants of a home. Passive cooling and ventilation solves up to 90% of such environmental negative impacts.  Polycarbonate sheets serve as weather resistant force during the summer and the winter too. They cut down the heat during the warmer summers and are thermal in their retaining the available winter sunlight and warm the rooms during the winter nights. Interior trends now advocate the use of polycarbonate sheets for windows and doors and the external façade of the homes.

Trendy And Contemporary Facade

7. A Highlighted Pergola:

Every home is the proud owner of a pergola in their garden. A pergola in its architectural sense refers to a shaded walkway or the green space for a seating area. Its roof is supported by cross beams showcasing an open lattice. Today, the pergola is covered to protect from rain and heat and often is a cynosure of a garden. Many balconies with patios hold a pergola too. Polycarbonate sheets are used as a cover for these pergolas. They protect the open space from harsh sunlight and yet lend the feel of openness.

A Highlighted Pergola

8. Window Awning:

Windows form a very integral part of a house. They add style and statement too for design and elegance. That apart, windows may at times let in excess warmth from the sun and being made of glass, they may not filter heat or the rays of the sun. Awnings are more functional in their use in protecting the occupants of the home from the sunlight. Polycarbonate sheets are the best solution for such large windows awnings. Supported by the right metallic framework, they help to cover the windows and prove their functionality in filtering bright sunshine.

 Window Awning

9. A Trendy Staircase:

Most often staircases sport iron grills to give it a rustic look. This requires maintenance in terms of painting. Using polycarbonate sheets help to maintain the stairs free from painting ordeals, they are easy to fit and bear enough structural strength to support the stairs. They render a complete trendy look to blend with the ambience of a room.

A Trendy Staircase


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