9 Stunning Features Of Mickey Mouse Theme For Kid’s Room

Decor the room of your child with a theme that will make them feel happier and joyful along with active to play within the room or indoor games, specially for kids when playing is the main terms and conditions of their age. The Disney world theme has vast variation that can be applied for your children’s room, hereby the famous character of the Micky  mouse or Donald duck has been chosen to decorate the children’s room to make it stunning and lucrative. Children’s room can be designed with various more ideas among which cartoons are highly appreciated and admired by the kids to the teenagers, so few different features are discussed below

Stunning Features Of Mickey Mouse Theme For Kid’s Room:

1. Headroom

Assume a child’s bed having a headroom of the cartoon character that will give a playful along with a joyous atmosphere for your child to stay in the room and enjoy the atmosphere, the cartoon character such as the Mickey mouse is one of the most lovable and famous all around the clock and that also initiates a beauty along with astonishing atmosphere in the children’s room.


2) Bed Sheets Or Covers For The Beds

Beds are the place every children loves to troll around even if its a kid or a teenager every group of ages adorn the cartoon characters, so spread a bed sheets or covers on the bed of the cartoon characters that may give the children’s room a theme, colorful bed sheets are available from lighter to the brighter colors with blends of different shades.


Bed Sheets Or Covers For The Beds

3) Wall Stickers

Paint a story on the wall of the children’s room or the characters of the Mickey mouse and Donald duck with various paints or murals of different types that can be applied on the walls to give the children’s room a lively feeling that will emphasis a lot of fun and joy to them, in few cases stickers on the walls are also available that can be attached to make your work easier and further more decorative.

Wall Stickers

4) Chair Covers For Chairs

Colorful chair covers can be used to cover the small or tiny tots chairs, those cover clothing may have the pictures of the Mickey or Donald or any other Disney world character depending upon the theme that is used in the children room. These coverings may give your child a tickling effect and fun to enjoy in the room to stay long and play.

Chair Covers For Chairs

5) Floor Mats

Match up the theme of the children rooms with small features such as the carpet or the door mat that can have the cartoon character of the Mickey mouse that will give a childish effect to the room along with other cartoon works done to make the room appropriate to the designing idea.

Floor Mats

6) Photo Frame

Decorate the wall of the kid’s room with the Led lighted or digital photo frames, the active photos of the cartoons makes the room more active and specially being a kids room the atmosphere of activeness is highly required to give your child a feeling of joy and energy. Funny cartoon photos within the frames will give a tickling feeling to your child that will keep your child happy and energetic.

Photo Frame

7) Bags

Use cartoon sticker bags or wall hangs in your child’s room, various hangers are available of the cartoon character that can add element to the theme, the cups or mugs can be used of the cartoon characters, the cutest Mickey mouse that will bring an influential matter to the theme, add a clock on the wall with a background of the cartoon many such small types utilities are available to make your room a splendor.


8) Toys

Accommodate the room with the toys of the Mickey mouse and Donald duck, placed as display items or on the beds of the child or any space where the placing of the soft toys may make the theme more stronger and attractive for your children, different cartoon characters are available to which the children will like to play with during their free times and later can be made as display items when not in use for playing.


9) Cabinets

Cabinets can be designed with the variable features of the Mickey mouse or the Donald duck, the clip of the cartoon character can be applied on the cabinet surface doors. The cabinets can be for storing cloths of different sizes depending upon the size of the room the smaller the room the smaller the size of the cabinets, colorful cabinets with the cartoon character exhibits  a trend in the children’s room.


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