9 Splendid Features For Your Small Area Kitchen

Small house tend to have small kitchen area, which should have a proper basic layout where you can carry on with your kitchen work easily without any mess or difficulty, in small space the kitchen can be appropriately designed enduring an exclusively splendid gesture to the area compared to larger kitchen, the arrangement of the kitchen should be known in order to give a comfortable atmosphere and wonderful aesthetic appearance.

1. Crockery Shelves:

Kitchens which are small in area may have a very limited space for the storage of the crockery, so the shelves can be fixed on the free walls within the kitchen, it may be built while construction precasted racks or after completion you may fix glass racks or wooden racks, keeping in mind the interior decoration of the room, open crockery shelves increases the showiness of the small kitchen if the shelves are arranged properly with the crockery and cutlery.

Crockery Shelves


2. Cabinet:

Cabinets are the covered shelves placed on the walls of the kitchen small or large area the cabinets can be used to store ingredients required for the cooking in the kitchen. In small kitchen the size of the cabinets cannot be placed as much as the it can be in the a larger kitchen, the cabinets should be built to the ceiling height to achieve more space for storage.



3. Fridge:

In small houses the utilization of space by placing the furniture exactly in the right place is very important, for small kitchen the refrigerator requires a proper place and it should be designed such that the space for the refrigerator is enough apart from the making of the shelves or cabinets in the kitchen.



4. Work Countertop:

The kitchen should always have a countertop normally the layout may be differentiated into the serving, cooking and preparation work top, but due to the lack of the space the kitchen is differentiated into the two parts the preparation and cooking further if more less space than only cooking space is provided. It depends on the size of the kitchen on the space you can allot for the working countertop. The countertop of the kitchen for a small kitchen is limited where working comfortably can be made only on the proper layout of the counter top for the kitchen or else working in a small kitchen may be very difficult and messy.

Work Countertop


5. Microwave:

Shelf or a rack for the microwaves can be provided on the wall of the kitchen if you find your kitchen to be small, the free wall of the kitchen can be fixed with the microwave racks keeping in mind the free movement or passage or else a cutout space can be provided on the wall of cabinets, place the microwave on the cutout within the cabinets, it is helpful because working or cooking becomes easier nearer to the worktops.


6. Lights:

Lights play an important role in the small kitchen, the lights should be bright enough, as well as give a cool effect to the room and the person in the kitchen, lights that produce warm light in the kitchen with small areas may be uncomfortable, the lights can be placed in the ceiling and the below the cabinets also that will remove the darkness and help working in the countertop.



7. Sink:

The washing sink is the most important element for the kitchen, washing of vegetables and utensils are continued if it is small or big kitchen, the area is related to the size and placement of the countertop. In small kitchen you may not be able to provide an enough space for but the cooking platform and the sink for washing is very essential part of the kitchen.


8. Wall Paint:

Small area kitchens should be played with some illusions to look spacious as the room may look congested due to the small area. The wall paint should always be a cool and light color because cool make you feel calm with the light color paint will lessen the darkness of the room, make the room look brighter and spacious as the light color paint does not absorb the natural sunlight or ceiling lights accordingly making the area bright.

Wall Paint

9. Gas Stove:

The placement of the gas stove in the right place on the work top of a small kitchen is very important, the space between the wash and the stove should be enough as the splitting of water from the basin to the stove may create problems while cooking, so the gas stove should also be of a proper size related to the working area in the kitchen, too large stove may hinder the working space and make cooking place warm and uncomfortable, place an exhaust machine in the kitchen to make the space airy.

Gas Stove



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