9 Main Ideas To Decor The Breakfast Nooks Of Your House


Sometimes few apartments have an extra space known as nooks can be used for various purposes such as reading, breakfast space, and many other purposes, the spaces which have corner windows or larger width windows nooks, the space can be utilized in making it a breakfast nook, where early morning you can sit beside the window comfortably and have your breakfast and at the same time enjoy the breeze that enters through the windows, the breakfast nooks  can be decorated in different ways with various new and stylish forms of furniture the makes the space appreciably wonderful, below are the main and common features.

1. Space:

One of the important part for the breakfast nook is the space selected, the area of the nook may not be or may be large in area but the view from the breakfast table should be fascinating, the ventilation with proper lights and satisfactory view from the space is highly appreciated, less space but with a good utility. The floor area may be of circular, triangular, square each shows their individuality after the proper nook design of the breakfast area. The space may be small or limited but it should be able to accommodate the more amount of person, that depends on the designing and placement of the furniture. A nook space in a house is sometimes more attractive than any other rooms.


2. Cushions Covers And Colors:

The sitting  arrangement can be of any type, the covering of the seats and the backrest cushions are the vital part in the nooks to bring an attractive and a glamorous look, the covers can be of any color, it may be blue, red or white, the prints may be polka, graphics or geometrical gives a modern gestures with a variation in the appearance of the sitting zone. The material used for the covering should not only be lucrative but also give some comfort to the people. The cushions should provide looks and comfort at the same time. The light colors selected provides a calm feeling while the bright color may provide a warm feeling, both have their own nature of beauty and would provide a better decorative area.

Cushions Covers And Colors

3. Wall Fixed Table:

One of the extravagant idea is the placing of the table on the wall, the table can be made of wooden material, painted or polished fixed on the free wall with no leg stands of the table. This way the space is utilized though small, the table legs may involve much more space for the people to enter and sit, where in the wall fixed table the space below is totally free along with it this idea provides a different and enduring decoration to the breakfast nook.

Wall Fixed Table

4. Arch And Flower Vases:

Arches of different types and designs can be made to give a separation to the nook, apart from arches, provide the wall separation of rectangular shapes or spherical in nature that will provide an architectural aesthetic view, decorate the walls or the tables with planters on the walls with beautiful and colorful plants, that will provide a lucrative feature, small glass vases can be placed on the table with green plants. The artistic curves with separation of the wall and  the green planters fixed on the walls, arches or dome shaped wall separations provides elegance to the space.

Arch And Flower Vases

5. Designed Furniture:

Decorate the nook with various amazing furniture, that have an extra ordinary feature, made of different kind of materials that may be hardwood, plywood or any other form of materials that will make the place more adorable. The shape and size of the table can be customized according to the requirement of the space that will be enduring more splendor, the seats can be of smaller width of larger width along with simple or modern designs. The nooks emphasis a modern and stylish atmosphere due to the outlook of the customized furniture along the corner windows.

Designed Furniture

6. Double Wall Windows:

Sometimes it is required to have a greater amount of sitting arrangement that can be possible through the circular design of the seats, no only the seats but the table may be circular or oval in shape, so that it can be utilized from every circumference and single chairs on the other side provides extra seats which is possible when you have any one open side where the arrangement of the chairs can be possible easily. The table can be made single stand so that we get leg space with  two sides of the seats attached to the exterior ventilation or window.

Double Wall Windows

7. Single Wall Windows:

Small space with a single wall windows on the exterior of the nook looks amazing with the L shaped or three seat arranged near the window, a glass made circular center table, the table is easily available and less expensive that can be placed within the room. The chair may be single seated placed due to the less space, the windows that may be french or casement type windows, generally the arrangement is made due to single exterior wall window availability.

 Single Wall Windows

8. Farmhouse Nook:

The most fascinating breakfast nook is the farmhouse nook with the skylights in the sloped roof gives an attractive aesthetic view. The nook is separated from the main area provided with the wooden furniture and other farmhouse related decorative items, the ample windows provide an extra ordinary feature with full ray for lights entering into the space, from the roof and the windows. The landscape is also pleasing in a farmhouse with various gardens outside, the furniture used in farmhouses can also be  antique pieces, the room is decorated, to give it a rustic and luxurious gesture.

Farmhouse Nook

9. Coastal Nooks:

The nooks that are facing the ponds or rivers, may have a coastal theme, with beautiful window curtains for the windows, the modern and sophisticated chairs and the center table, the ultra modern painting scheme for the coastal look such as white, light blue adorns the furniture and the walls of the nook. The lamps and plants present within may have a coastal touch, making the space more attractive.

Coastal Nooks


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