9 Lavished Stone Made Center Tables For Your Living Room

Stone has been ever after been the most utilizing material for making of ever lasting, hard furniture with a bright showiness, where the stone is used in making of center tables filled with innovation and creativity that increases the value of the stone made center tables . These center tables are extra lavishing that beautify your rooms.

1. Sandstone Center Table:

One of the most extraordinary look with a straight simplified design on the sandstone furnished to make it a center table which is an innovative idea to make it unique, white in color with space below to keep magazines for your guests for reading can be placed in the living room.

Sandstone Center Table


2. Marble Top Center Table:

The marble top center table that has a bright color with the polished texture and has a glossy and shiny appearance it is one of the expensive material to be used in your living room, which is scratch and stain proof, hard to break with a great durability, its one of the most stylish material to be used as a center table.

Marble Top Center Table


3. Black Granite Top:

“Black is beautiful” with a fine texture of granite stone that is also the incredible form of antique piece as stone is an ancient material used even today in modern days in our sitting space or our living area, it is durable with less shiny and glossy appearance and the designed steel legs is lucrative as a whole.

Black Granite Top


4. Glass Top With Sandstone:

The lower part of the center table is made of the hard sandstone, and the glass top that is a clear transparent thick material altogether gives an elegance, the center table is best to be placed in the living room, it hard and heavy altogether it is not easy to move from one place to other.

Glass Top With Sandstone

5. Wooden Top Sand Stone Center Table:

Thick wooden top that has a stylish and modern look where wood mostly gives a sophisticated outlook, the wooden texture that has a fineness works in a good combination with the stone material evaluates the creativity, that not classy but at the same time differentiates the room with uniqueness.

Wooden Top Sand Stone Center Table

6. Boulders From The Sea:

Give your living room a beach house effect, the boulders with the top portion is cut and polished smoothly and a glass top is placed on the top of the boulders of proportionate sizes. The boulder stones which are sedimentary which are form by the sea side may give your room a beach side look.

Boulders From The Sea

7. Glass Top Center Table:

The main attraction in this type of the center table is the stand that is urn shaped that gives the table a extraordinary look, the urn is made of stone with the work carved in it with high creativity and the top is of glass that is circular in shape, the center table is rarely found.

Glass Top Center Table

8. Stone Top With Wooden Stand:

The beautifully designed stone top with the carved wooden stand, is one of the expensive center table that is available and can take the place in your living room, the wooden stand is made of mahagony wood that makes the piece more precious and favorable.

Stone Top With Wooden Stand

9. Marble Made Center Table:

One of the antique piece is the marble stone made center table is so wonderful cut, designed and carved with beautiful polished designs that makes it a splendor which is an exact quality furniture for your living room.

Marble Made Center Table

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