9 Incredible Ideas For Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is the most important part of any house decoration. It plays a key role in enhancing the beauty of the rooms. With current innovations in the interior decoration market decorative lighting are high in demand. Using proper and stylish lighting can enhance the show of your house and also can be eye popping and neighbors envy. And the bedrooms are one of the most important part of any house decoration. A dull sense of lighting in the bedroom can spoil your night’s rest. Bedroom lights need to be soft yet filling every nook and corners.

Here Are A Few Innovative And Classy Bedroom Lighting Ideas

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are classy, elegant and stylish. Those not only brighten your dining area or living room, but also intensifies your cosy corner for night. You can use a chandelier just above your bed, so that it focuses particularly on the bed. But you have to be careful about the brightness of the light. You can use dimmable lights also. Also, you can place the chandelier slightly towards the lower side of the bed. This way whole room can be lightened.


2. Hang It And Place It Around

Decorate with pendant lights along with table lamps. Place a few pendant lights around the bedroom and bed to give it a stalactite effect and then use table lamps by the sides of the bed to give a stalagmite effect to complete a cave of your comfort. The pendant lights can lighten the room and the table lamps can just glow for your sweet dreams.

Hang It And Place It Around

3. Low Hanging Lights

Use pendant lights to hang low by the sides of your bed and discard the lampshades from the bedside tables. Use long strings to hang the pendant lights and place it just beside the bed above the bedside tables. Measure the height of the lights so that it leaves some space between it and the tables so that there is always room for some fresh flowers to spread the aroma.

Low Hanging Lights

4. Recessed Ceiling Lights

You can use recessed ceiling lights to light up your entire room. Install recessed ceiling lights around the rooms and if you have a half ceiling in your room, use hidden accent lights to enhance the ambience. Add a few table lamps or hanging scones around the room for bright lights around the room. You can choose the arrangement of recessed lights matching with your ceiling colour, size and height.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

5. Fancy Table Lamps

You can use fancy and stylish table lamps to decorate the bedside table. Table lamps and shades are available different styles and shades in the market. Pick any of those matching with your room colour and style. Bedside table lamps are very much helpful for your bedtime reading habit.

Fancy Table Lamps

6. Wall Scones

Place wall scones instead of lamp shades. Those will work as good as table lamps. This will also save some spaces for smaller bedrooms. This will also give your bedroom a classic look. Wal scones are available in the market in various designs to choose from. These lights will also cater as reading lights.

Wall Scones

7. Lantern Lights

You can use a lantern style lights to decorate your bedroom. Use a hanging lantern light with bulbs or mock candles. Bare bulbs are in high demand in recent fashion trend and is a perfect match for the lantern. Use any shade available in the market matching with your room colour and style. Lanterns give very bright light, so you have to be very careful while choosing the lights.Use dimmable lights to give your bedroom a “Ready for the purpose” feel.

Lantern Lights

8. String Lights

Use string lights to decorate your bedroom. Live the college days again. Decorate ceiling or walls with string lights. Combine small and big bulbs to make it more stylish. This type of lighting goes best with colourful bedrooms. Simple beds, pattern printed sheets, matresses, pillows,cushions and string lights perfectly combine to a youngstar’s bedroom. You can also use the string lights around the bed canopies. This will transform your bedroom with a romantic touch.

String lights

9. Headboard Lights

You can use your bed head boards to fit the lights. Install a few accent lights in your bed headboards for a dim light during sleep. These lights look lovely when the headboards have shelves and lights are fitted properly matching with the headboard. You can different shades of light in the headboards to enhance the ambience. Nowadays, small reading lights are also available in the market to be installed in the headboard.

Headboard Lights

The above mentioned bedroom lighting ideas are surely going to add more beauty and brightness in your room. So, try them out.

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