9 Ideas To Decorate Toddler Nursery Room

Decorating room for your little bundle of joy is the most exciting thing to do as doing something for your little one always gives you special feeling. As they are kid so make sure to fill up their rooms with lots of things which they love like their favourite toys, cartoon characters, games etc. As it is known to everybody that if your child is a boy, then paint his home with blue with the colour blue as blue is mostly the favourite colour of boys and if your child is a girl then go for a pink shade as it is the colour of girls. Choose furniture by remembering the taste of your child furniture specially crafted for children are hugely available in the market so you can easily choose from them the right kind of thing for your child.

Here Are 9 Ideas To Decorate Toddler Nursery Room

1. Ideal Paint For Your Child’s Room

It is always suggested to paint your child’s with vibrant colours to give them an attractive look. Nowadays a special kind of additive is available in the market which mixed with the paint and makes it glow during night. This glowing mode will give your child a lot of good feeling and they will enjoy this sudden glow. You can also stick those stickers on your ceiling which shows the entire universe your child will enjoy the stickers and will also learn about our universe from it. You can also stick various kind of stickers available in the market according to the choice of your child.

Ideal Paint

2. Keeping Things According To Their Height

It is very important to build the racks according to the height of your child as it will make them easier to keep their essential things on their own. Keep all the things of your child’s room out of their reach it will also make your child more organised and slowly they will learn to keep their things at their proper places.
Keeping Things According To Their Height

3. Choosing Proper Furniture

It is a very important task to do while you are planning to decorate your kid’s room. Choose the furniture which are crafted specially for kids like small study tables, chair, small board for writing and little bed adorned with their favourite cartoon characters. The cupboard of your child also should have nice colour and beautifully crafted.

Choosing Proper Furniture

4. Lightning The Room

Use different kinds of lightning patterns in the room will make them look more attractive and vibrant. Make the holders of the lights innovative as nowadays many form and type of light holders are available in the market, just go ahead and choose the best for your baby.
Lightning The Room

5. Decorating The Bathroom

Paint the bathroom also in dark colour and try to put some wall stickers on them your child would love these transformation. Make all the bathroom fittings matching with your kid’s choice all the racks and cupboard of the bathroom should be of vibrant colours your child’s towel should have some kind of cartoon character printed on it.
Decorating The Bathroom

6. Curtains And Bed Sheets

You should choose the curtain according to the choice of your baby as hanging simply crafted curtains will make your kid bore so put the curtains which has mickey mouse, chhota bhim, Donald duck and many more cartoon characters printed on it same goes with the bed sheets they should also contain the print of cartoon characters.
Curtains And Bed Sheets

7. Shelves And Racks

Forget about those old fashion racks and shelves for your child and opt for some modern and colourful designer racks and shelves for them which make their room more attractive to look at. Make sure that your child could reach to those racks and shelves.
Shelves And Racks

8. Electrical Appliances

Nowadays different kinds of switch board and electrical appliances like fans an d lights are specially made for the kids which have the pictures of Barbie dolls crafted on it and it is well known as Barbie fans in market. Various kinds of switch board and different types of switches with attractive colours and designs are easily available in the market. Decorating your child’s room with all these kinds of electrical appliances will give them an immense pleasure.

Electrical Appliances

9. Making A Cute And Small Rolling Library

Other than keeping the books simply on the study table or on the book shelves you may opt for making a small movable library for your kid all you have to do is just ask your carpenter to make a wooden box which will consist of the books and place some wheels under it and it will make your kid’s movable library which will make his/her study time more interesting.

Making A Cute And Small Rolling Library

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