9 Ideal Ways To Decorate Your Small Residential Pantry


A pantry is the space which is only used for storing of food and food ingredients, in residential houses all products may not be stored in kitchen so a pantry is provided to store all the food items and utensils. It helps in keeping the kitchen free from excess storage items while cooking and proper storage of food with less wastage of the food, like other rooms pantry can be properly heard and decorated with important utilities or requirements which makes the room more attractive though small and  there fore  the residential owners keep on enjoying the cooking of food in kitchen with various stored food items in the pantry.

Below Are Given The List Of Few Objects To Décorate Your Pantry:

1.    Shelves:

Pantries should have shelves for storage of groceries and dry food items, the shelves are durable and looks splendid if made of woods such as sal wood or oak wood. It is durable until no moisture of water is absorbed by wooden materials on the other hand because of moisture polyvinyl chloride or plastic resins covered materials can be used which gives a stylish appearance to the shelves and the pantry avoiding the damages occurring due to the dumps and moisture. The plastic resins are of different forms and colors which reveal a distinctive appeal to the total space of the pantry.


2.    Cabinets:

Wooden cabinets with polished wooden texture emphasis an extravagant gorgeous look  but is expensive, apart from wood various materials are found mostly are medium density fiber board, plywood which may be totally solid or may be of glass panes too. Cabinets made of shelves and door panels are preferable for storage of air tight products and drawers can also be attached  respectively for storage in cabinets, it keeps the storage product safe from insects, dirt and dust,  gives a privacy to the pantry by covering the stored products. The cabinets can be made more appealing by the finishing is used, varnishing , lacquer  are the most used finishing implies a distinctive  gaze.


3.    Counter Tops:

Pantry counter top is one of the essential part as to keep things or to prepare or making any instant cooking or snacks item such as preservative juice in a glass, plates of biscuits etc or making of tea if your kitchen is at a distance than pantry. The counter tops are generally small just for serving or preparing purpose with a topping of red marble, black marble or may be of different colored tiles. The counter top being small should be kept free from any mess and clean so that no dust and dirt settles down as pantry used for food storage purpose.

Counter Tops

4.    Lights:

The light should be sufficient enough for the pantry because it is a storing place and things should be clearly  visible without any obstruction a spotlight at the head of the cabinet or shelves  initiates a high tendency to visualize things properly. Less decorative lights are not applicable here , require ceiling lights of proper intensity of light.  Pantry sensor light can be used where the door opens, the light is on and  on closing the door, light is off,  these lights are best in pantries  when in hurry no one has to keep in mind the on and off switch, collect things and leave for kitchen whenever in hurry does not matter.


5.   Wall Tiles:

Though the walls of the pantry are covered with cabinets and shelves but if any wall is blank then it can be easily decorated with vitrified tiles or glazed tiles in order to keep the wall dust free and clean, the wall can easily be washed  and cleaned as there are high chances of making pantry dirty due to storage of the food . The decorative tiles provides a sense of beauty even in a stuffy pantry of food storage room to release a stuffy feeling light colored tiles can be added, this not only gives a distinct, derivable  but fascinating, calm view of the pantry.

Wall Tiles

6. Flooring:

The flooring can be of any kind but it should be kept in mind the floor should not be slippery as it is a storage place and collect things in a hurry, so the floor should be clean and not slippery. Rough textured tiles, unglazed tiles, wooden flooring are sort of flooring applicable for pantry or storage space. It is easy to clean and maintain , safe enough,  avoid accidents and  which can produce attractive  floor through various designs, sizes and different colors. The flooring provides a glimpse appearance to the pantry with various unpredictable designs and exhibit the lust of the space as much small area it may hold.


7.  Wash Basin:

Wash basin can be placed in the pantry on one side of the counter top or it may be wall hung basin. The storage place contains utensils which can be washed  in the pantry and then can be used for cooking, serving or preservation purpose. The basins or sink may be ceramic, steel or porcelain made material, it is provided to wash and keep the storage clean, washing of hands after using the ingredients instead  of running to the dining hall or kitchen, the splendid look of the basin increases the charisma of the pantry.

Wash Basin

8. Refrigerator:

For  preservative product storage, refrigerator is an important object., other foods which cannot be kept in heat or requires freezing, refrigerator is essential.  Elegant, huge refrigerator itself  implies a splendid interior apart from storage of materials, which is only possible if any wall is free or without any shelves or cabinet.


9. Dustbin:

Last but not least is the dustbin or garbage bin highly essential for the pantry to keep clean and have a stylish appearance. The packs, packets and unwanted materials get collected in the pantries, so it is highly recommended to keep a space for dustbin or garbage bin, this will help you to keep the pantry clean and tidy. Garbage bins are of various lucrative types if exposed bins are preferred or bins can be kept under the space of the counter tops.



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