9 Bohemian Stylish Way To Decor Your Swing And Its Area


Patio can be decorated with beautiful theme of the bohemian style swinging deck, patio or balcony, giving the space a style and a modern feature. The swinging space can be differentiated or divided in various parts that make the area much more attractive. The bright color used with the green garden area makes the place much more adorable and relaxing, providing an area to your home that will make an extravagant zone for relaxation not only for yourself but your family also, the swinging area can be decorated in few ways they are discussed below.

1. Swings In Bohemian Styles:

The hanging swing can be made of various materials such as wood, cloth, iron or cane or any other types, hanging swings made of cane or cloths are one of the best form for a small patio or a balcony in your home, the colors may be form light to the dark, but requires maintenance, the more the swings are maintained the longer does the swings have the longevity. The swing can be of larger sizes or of smaller depending upon the space you have in the area.

Swings In Bohemian Styles

2. Flooring:

Flooring can be of wood or tiles of variable designs, the patio with the wooden flooring can  provide a comfort in the matter of walking or relaxing around the area. The balconies can also be provided with the wooden tiles available in various textures and patterns, in bohemian styles wooden flooring are found to be more lucrative and modern in nature relative to the decoration concerned. The wooden panels are also placed in the patios to give a perfect bohemian style.



3. Colorful Cushions:

Bright colored cushions or cushion covers can be used in the swings, various amazing figures of animals, birds or fruits found on the cushions of the bohemian style that makes the space look much more colorful due to the bright colors, the colorful figures on the cushions should implement the theme of the bohemian styles.

Colorful Cushions

4. Lights:

Decorate the patio or the balcony with the lanterns or lights, lanterns can be placed on the floors to provide an extraordinary view to the space that may be open terrace, balcony or patios. The lamps can be attached on the parapets that will reduce the darkness of the space. Lanterns provides a good amount of light along with it gives a appreciable atmosphere in the darkness to sit enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere.



5. Decorative Items:

If you have a larger space then you can decorate your place with beautiful decorative items such as metallic statues, potteries and various other items related to the bohemian that will again emphasis the theme that is used to decorate the area, cane made items, mural paints can also be used which is one of the prior items used and applicable to the concerned theme required for the decoration. The space therefore becomes much more decorative.

Decorative Items

6. Plants:

Place various types of plants in the hanging baskets made of the wooden or canes, pot made of clay can be used to plant small green plants, the plants are generally green leafy plants or green mosses on the walls, to provide an airy atmosphere. Caucasian comfrey, bohemiam comfrey, italian bugloss, azorean forget me not,  are herbaceaous and perrenial plant, that can be planted to make a small garden around your swinging area.



7. High Wall Patio:

You can increase the privacy of the swinging area by  providing a wall made of the vertical woods on the side you may require, keeping in mind that the daylight is being able to enter during the day time as the lights provided for  the night. The wall can be decorated with the small hanging pots fixed on the walls. The height of the wall should be made to an average height.

High Wall Patio

8. Open Space:

The swings can be kept in open to the sky area, where you ca enjoy the daylight while you relax, it causes a the open air to circulate when you have a huge open space with plant and trees around, swings in the open space with roof may cause the heat of the sun rays or the rainwater may bring in a discomfort while in the terms of relaxation.

Open Space

9. Covered Roof:

During summer the scorching sun and in rainy season the rain may create a problem to enjoy the swings, the covered roof is the best place to enjoy and relax, fixing the swing with the roof is one of the traditional style used in every culture, bohemian styles may be used to fix the swing under the wooden roof as the wood is one of the long lasting batten used in the roof along with beautiful mural paints on the walls and pillars.

Covered Roof


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