9 Bathroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Bathroom Ceiling

The ceiling is an important area of a house but usually, people do not pay much attention to it. If the ceiling is attractive and well designed, it can add visual appeal to the interiors. The technology of making ceilings has undergone remarkable changes in the recent times with the introduction of new designs and building materials. Just like the rest of the house, the ceiling of the bathroom is an area worth some serious planning. There are many types of bathroom ceilings popular among people with modern designs and construction. We will give some tips for bathroom ceiling designs. Use our tips and decor suggestions to decorate the bathroom ceiling in different ways.

Following Are The 9 Bathroom Ceiling Design Ideas:

1. Use A Chandelier In The Bathroom Ceiling

Create a good lighting system in the bathroom by using a chandelier. Hang a chandelier with a beautiful design on the ceiling. Choose an eye-catching chandelier with beautiful intricate design or pattern on it. For this, you can use a crystal chandelier.

Chandelier In The Bathroom Ceiling

2. Use Geometrical Pattern On The Ceiling

Add glamor to the bathroom by using a geometric pattern on the ceiling. For this, cover the ceiling with a paper that has a geometrical design or patterns like triangles, squares, circles or any other pattern. Choose a paper with multiple colors in bright shades for creating some drama.

Geometrical Pattern On The Ceiling

3. Use LED Lights And Recessed Lighting

Brighten up your bathroom by including some type of lighting in the ceiling. For this, you can use an indirect LED light. Use this theme along with recessed lighting in the ceiling. Combine both types of lights together for brightening up the bathing area. It will help in creating a Zen atmosphere in the bathroom.

LED Lights And Recessed Lighting

4. Use A Slanting Wooden Ceiling

Make a slanting ceiling in the bathroom with natural materials like wood. Get a wooden ceiling made in a slanting V-shape design. Use wooden panels or boards for this purpose. Paint the ceiling in a soothing light color like white or cream.

Slanting Wooden Ceiling

5. Use A Barrel Ceiling

Instead of the plain flat ceiling, make a barrel ceiling. Ask your builder to construct a barrel shaped curved ceiling in your bathroom. This type of design is made with Venetian plaster that shines with a glowing look. This type of ceiling design looks very nice in the master bath.

A Barrel Ceiling

6. Use Colored Ceiling

Instead of using a plain white ceiling, use a colored ceiling in the bathroom. For this, ask your builder to paint the ceiling in a beautiful attractive color like blue. It will make the bathroom colorful while adding a visual appeal to the interiors. Choose water resistant paint in the bathroom so that the color lasts long.

Colored Ceiling

7. Use A Stenciled Ceiling

Use a stenciled ceiling in your bathroom for adding beauty and design to the bathing area. Make an attractive design or pattern on the ceiling by using the technique of stenciling. Cut the design of trellis on a stencil and use it for making the pattern on the ceiling.

A Stenciled Ceiling

8. Use A Tiled Ceiling

Get the bathroom ceiling made from tiles in place of the usual plain cement ceiling. Arrange the tiles for making a visually appealing pattern on the ceiling. There is a wide range of options of tiles that you can use for this purpose including the wooden, metallic and ceramic tiles. Use mosaic pattern tiles. Tin and glass tiles also look nice on the bathroom ceiling.

Use A Tiled Ceiling

9. Use A Ceiling With Skylight

Use a ceiling with skylight in your bathroom. It gives an impression that the ceiling has an opening above to the sky. Use big sized skylights with its frame hidden in the bathroom wall. It gives a beautiful glazed look and adds a lot of light in the bathroom.

Ceiling With Skylight

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