8 Ways To Create The Illusion Of Room Height

We all admire old monuments because of its height. The reason is it feels us airy and open. It is always good to have the height of the house. It helps to make the rooms airy and spacious. But, in reality there are many homes exist that has low height and you must feel that you are in a box. Well, we can escape from this weird thought. We can cheat a little and follow some easy tricks. These tricks will help us to feel that our rooms have heights but in reality it is not at all possible.

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Create The Illusion

1. Elevated Bookshelves

When you want to create an illusion to raise the height of the room, you must need something tall. Place a lean, high bookshelf in the living room which can touch the ceiling. You can invest a whole wall for the bookshelf or you can place two lean bookshelves side by side. When you will see the bookshelf upward, it will create the illusion of height. Place books and photo frames on the shelf. Keep a small false staircase to reach the upper shelves.

Elevated Bookshelves

2. Windowpane On The Door

Add a windowpane just above the door to create an illusion. Use glass in the windowpane. The door’s height will elevate and the extra light from the windowpane will make the room bright and bigger. If you love the idea then you can make the windowpane above your windows too. If you don’t like these glass windows then you can raise the height of the door or the window in future. But, the height of the door and windowpane create the illusion of raised ceiling.

Windowpane On The Door

3. Tall Doors And Corridors

If you want to add height to your room, then the best idea is to increase the height of the door. Build your doors tall so that it can reach to the ceiling. It means making the door according to the room height. Then the room will look taller and open and more spacious. This trick will allow more light and air in the room. You can also try this trick with your low corridor.

Tall Doors And Corridors

4. Curtain

Hang your curtain almost from the ceiling height. The reason is you will get the full height of the room. Try to design it with a ripple-fold details. This design will focus on the curtains vertical details and the room will look gigantic. The white curtain is always preferable in these types of tricks. The light will enter the room from the curtain because of its white color. You can also select a cream color curtain.


5. Long Kitchen Cabinet

Make a high cabinet in the kitchen. The cabinet must touch the ceiling. The height of the cabinet creates a visual effect in the kitchen room. You may not reach to the upper cabinet regularly, but it has a definite function. Select the color of the cabinet in neutral or white. Whether the kitchen is small or large your kitchen will look brighter because of the reflection of the light.

Long Kitchen Cabinet

6. Low Height Furniture

The low height furniture is effectively creating the illusion of high ceiling. Use low height draped back on couch, chairs, floor mats and rugs with lots of pillows with lower table. This furniture is low in height so that the ceiling will look higher. This idea is useful for the attic rooms too. In fact, you can arrange a low height bed for these types of rooms.

Low Height Furniture

7. Paint

Painting is one of the best ways to create the impression of height. The trick is using the same color on walls and ceiling. It will hard to define the line between the wall and the ceiling. But if you have used a dark color on the wall, then add a half percentage of white with the wall color and apply to the ceiling. You can apply this trick to your entire house. If you can select the neutral color or cream, white then the light will reflect much better in the room. This way the rooms will look brighter, larger and open.


8. Mirror

A mirror is a wise solution for creating the illusion. It helps to create false appearances. It will be a wise decision to apply the mirror effect in your house. Use full-length mirrors in every possible space. The mirror will create the magic to make your room much higher and sunnier. It always reflects the light so your rooms will be full of lights.


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