8 Trendy Bedroom Design Ideas

For all of those people who like to keep up with trends and are keen on decorating their homes with the latest style, the bedroom certainly is the first place that comes to their minds. So, here are 8 fascinating ideas that are stylish and currently in trend. Using these ideas will help to make your bedroom a comfy and super stylish one.

Here Are 8 Bedroom Design Ideas That Are In Trend

1. Soothing Colors

Since a bedroom is a place to unwind, it should offer peace. Currently light and soothing colors or pastel shades are in. Try out colors like light pink, light green or light creamy yellow for the walls of your rooms and you can match them with well blended wall papers.

Soothing Colors

2. Captivating Wallpapers

Yes, wallpapers are not a thing of the past anymore. They are back in trend and most households are using them again. But using wallpapers is quite tricky and has to be done tastefully or else it can be a disaster. Use wallpapers that go along the colors of the walls in your bedroom. For example- You can use light floral prints with light pink to kill the monotony of those bedroom walls.


3. Bold Accessories

To make the look of your bedroom more dynamic, the choice of accessories such as lights and lamps should be bold. Since gold is in fashion, use light fittings and table lamps that are gold plated. These give the bedroom a touch of sophistication and up the style quotient of your bedroom.

Bold Accessories

4. For Kids

In case of bedrooms for kids, one can always get a little playful with wall color choices. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls with the color of your kid’s choice. You can even have your child’s favorite super hero or Barbie doll as the wallpaper on one wall. Also choose vibrant colors like blue or red for study tables and beds for children below the age of 7 or 8 years.

For Kids

5. Flower Power

Use fresh flowers to give your bedroom a more romantic feel. Yes, you don’t just have to buy them on Valentine’s Day. You can use classics like the red or pink rose for a lovey-dovey feel or yellow or white rose for a more calming effect. Also feel free to use any other kind of flowers like orchids or hibiscus if you want to.


6. Space Issues

If you have a small bedroom and want to make some free space, you always have the option of opting for a sofa-cum bed. This gives you the benefit of both at the price of one and helps you make ample space. After that you also have options such as built in wall cupboards and ironing tables. These are the things that are not only in trend but serve high purpose in creating space in small rooms.

Space Issues

7. Comfort And Style

Comfort seems to be of paramount importance to most people these days. Therefore soft fabrics such as cotton and silk are highly recommended for pillow cases, bed sheets and blankets. These offer the comfort you need and are also available in very trendy designs and patterns which shall match the style and look of your bedroom.

Comfort And Style

8. Wooden Flooring

Let go of the tile or marble fetish. Wooden flooring offers a classy look to the bedroom and is also very comfortable to walk upon. It will complement your wooden furniture very well.


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