8 Super Christmas Dinning Room Ideas

Come Christmas everyone is in the Holiday mood! Christmas trees start to go places and everyone is excited to decorate them and make them as pretty as possible. The smell of pine or fir fills the room with the room with the Christmas spirit. So why not decorate a little more than your tree? With Christmas we are bound to have guests over for dinner so why not decorate up the dining room as well?

Here Are 8 Super Christmas Dinning Room Ideas

1. Ribboned Chairs 

Simple and easy. If you have white chairs you do not need to worry about the cloth. If the chairs are not white, you could make some covers for Christmas. After your chairs are white, take a broad red sash and put it around the chair and tie a neat bow at the back. After you have tied the bow, hang an acorn, some leaves and a small decoration on the knot of the bow.

Ribboned Chairs

2. Red And White 

In the spirit of Christmas let us put up red and white decorations all around. If your dining room is red, then it will look a little more magnificent. Buy a few of those hanging paper stars and flowers in red and white and hang them in a pattern of your choice from the ceiling or a hanging chandelier. You could put some long candle holders on a side table. And for the finishing touch, get plain red glass flower vase and put some white flowers on them. You could put them on the side table as well. If the vase is short, you could put it as a centre piece at the dining table.

Red And White

3. A Calm Look

If you have always been a fan of the soft and light colours, you could decorate your dining room with blue and white. This decoration will also remind you of the softness of the snow. If you have an overhead chandelier above your dining table, tie some ribbon, maybe aqua, at the centre and make a bow. Get three medium sized metal balls and hang them from the chandelier. Then, hang a few large snowflake decorations in between. For a final touch you put some small fir trees on the table.

A Calm Look

4. A Congregation Of Candles

If you have a broad side table in your dining room, you could use it to add some warmth to your room. First add three tall cone shaped decorations at the back. Then put a few cone shaped candles in front of them. If these candles have been carved out like a tree, there is nothing like it. Add a few broad cylindrical candles to fill up the gap. Put the candles in such a way so that they make a semi-circle. After that take one of those green festoons and put it at the base. You could also add some Christmas tree decorations at the bottom.

A Congregation Of Candles

5. Santa Caps

This is one of the simplest decorations in keeping with the Christmas fever. Get some large Santa caps and put them neatly over your chairs. And you have your Santa Cap Chairs ready for dinner.

Santa Caps

6. Christmas Centre Piece 

Make a centre piece for your dining table with the Christmas elements. Get a pine or fir leaves and arrange them at the centre of your dining table so that the end of the leaves is outside. Put a silver ball at the centre of the leaves. Get a few acorns and put them at the base of the silver ball so that one can see them and they also keep the ball from rolling away. Put two tiny silver balls near the base as well. Make sure that the arrangement is steady and will not move from its place. To be absolutely sure that the arrangement is not disrupted at any pint of the day, hot glue the elements together.

Christmas Centre Piece

7. Use The Chandelier 

If you have a big chandelier, you could cover up the long metal rods with plants and put some shredded cotton on top to add the effect of snow. Tie some glossy red ribbons on each arm of the chandelier below the lamp to complete the look.

Use The Chandelier

8. Keeping It Elegant 

If you want to keep it elegant and simple, all you have to do is get some long silver candle stands, maybe two or three. Put it at the centre of your dining table and put white candles or any light coloured candles of different sizes on the holders. All the candles should be of the same colour. Use the doorway of your dining room as a frame for some rice lights. Yellow rice lights and white candles will make the perfect combination. In the end take a small silver glass or pot and put some white roses on them. Keep some of the leaves. Arrange the flowers and put at the centre of the table along with the candles.

Keeping It Elegant

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