8 Stylish Stone Countertops For Your Kitchen

We want our kitchen to be the most lucrative and modish as well as it is one of the most busiest place in your house which requires the cleanliness, dirt free zone at the same time it should have the scope fabulous comfort. In the kitchen few eminities the countertop or platform is the most important where the work is carried on, so apart from being modernized, it should be durable which is stone.

Below Are Mentioned Few Of Stone Made Countertops:

1. Marble:

Marble is one of the popular stone which is hard with long durability , countertop made of marble looks classy, it is made from limestone one of the form of natural stone, since it is a heavy material it can resist all the heat and chemical reaction due to the vegetables and fruits, cleaning is easy therefore keeping the kitchen area dirt free is possible. Marble stone are found of various stylish textures, fantastic colors which defines the elite platform and accordingly the delicacy of the kitchen is also exposed.

Since the kitchen is a place where heat is produced because of oven, microwaves used, so the platform made of marble helps in keeping the room cool, person can spend a long time in the kitchen.


2. Granite:

Natural stone with a texture of coarse grain one of the common form, as a material used for construction of the kitchen countertops or platforms, it is the hard and tough form of stone.

Granite is actually form of the rock and this is the reason can be resist heat, the smooth surface of the stone makes it a scratch free, no scratches can be found on the stone and stain can be removed easily which makes the kitchen clean. The stone has a high melting point which is beneficial for heat absorption in the kitchen. The stone is of various colors red, brown and many other colors, gives the kitchen a fabulous appealing outlook. Granite has long lasting property and is suitable as a cooking top that is the reason of using it in the kitchen.


3. Quartz:

One of the elegant stone is quartz that increases the showiness with style of the kitchen, one of the hard stone which can be used in the kitchen where low or no maintenance is required. The stone is stain free and  many forms, many form of patterns with various colors are available which makes the splendid kitchen. The hard stone like other stones are not long lasting and can resist heat because of high melting point, it is a shiny material with easily cleaning properties.

Light color of quartz stone is suitable for kitchen that helps in determining the dirt and cleaning it which is clearly visible. It is a man made stone material so the most lucrative it becomes compared to other natural stone.


4. Soapstone:

In all chemistry laboratories soapstone is found because it is non porous and do not required any type of sealing, similar like other natural stone it is durable, easily can bear the chemicals from fruits and vegetables. Soapstone are recently in use for kitchen platforms, it is hard material, heat resistant and easily remove stains but the drawback it has is scratches easily which can be invisible if polished with oil, less chances of having large scratches in the kitchen through vegetable knives but even there is any such scratch then polish it through sand paper, that will reduce the visibility of the scratch.

Limited colors are available in sandstone such as gray with a touch of blue and green colors, apart from laboratory can be used in kitchen if you want an exception in your kitchen.


5. Quartzite:

Quality of the marble and looks like granite, it is a great choice for those who want the combination of both, it looks like the white marble that is heavily grained but does not have the quality to resist stain and etching, this characteristic is owned by granite. The quartzite is a natural stone with a flawless lucrative appearance. The slab can be cleaned, made dust and dirt free , the slab requires to be polished for elegance and durability.

The material are used in kitchen if you want a natural particular color as there are limited color palette of the slab . It leads in hardness so it is long lasting, if your kitchen requires less renovation then quartzite can be your choice but with proper maintenance.


6. Slate Stone:

If you want your kitchen to be beautiful in less expenses than choose slate stone, all the properties are like other similar natural stones but limited colors of the stone are available, they are brown , gray and black but looks brilliant in any grandeur of your kitchen availing various shade of those colors.It is a heat resistant, can remove stain and thus can keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Slate is now used to give kitchen a modern and stylish interior.


7. Engineered Marble Stone:

The modern interior designing now consists of engineered marble stone made through the quartz crystals and resin adhesives, to give the stone the texture of granite and slate. The material as a kitchen slab is excellent, shiny lucrative with hardness and durability is more than the other stones and the most greater advantage is the variation of colors, the stone requires less maintenance than the other natural stones, since it is a man made or machine made product it gives the most  stunning look which natural stones denies to show.

Engineered marble stone

8. Engineered Quartz:

90 % of quartz with 10 % of adhesive are required to make the stone, it is man made material with variation in colors green, red, brown with different shades of combination on it, same like other stone it is durable and hard, easy to clean , so if you want to give your kitchen new look and style to the room then this material can be your choice,  stain free with no scratch properties and like other stones can clean easily and keep your kitchen neat and clean. It can resist heat and installation of the material is easy due to be not so heavy as natural stones.

Engineered Quartz

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