8 Stunning Broken Pots Garden Fairy Tales


Generally we use flower pots in the gardens to plant flowers and plants, and throw away the pot after it is broken, but there are few other ways to make a reuse on the broken pots, one of them is making a fairy tale on the broken pots and place it in the garden or may be in the entrance foyer, anywhere in your house where you will like to give your space a fairy tale appearance, it is one of the cutest, childish and attractive idea that anyone will like to make in their house, below are few ideas of the broken pots with fairy tale gardens.

1. Sitting Area In Your Garden:

Make a small garden within you broken flower pot, place small toys of chairs, tables surrounded by tiny plants to give a greenery effect to the theme of the garden, if you want you can plant a small Santa Clause toy to give the atmosphere of Christmas, you can further decorate by placing small toy flower pots plastic made that is easy to use, no maintenance and an easy way to  input things in the broken pot.

Sitting Area In Your Garden

2. Fetch A Pail Of Water:

Make a well full of water on top of the hill with a beautiful fencing and a shed a tile made sloped roof for the well, everything in the pot is a fairy tale, the mushrooms planted with beautiful colorful plants and the steps to the top from the ground are made of broken stones, decorate the well as you desire and a pond below or the ground makes the decoration in the pot more attractive.

Fetch A Pail Of Water

3. Small House Or Hut:

One of the simplest form of pot fairy tale decoration is the broken pot filled with the gravels and a part filled with soil on which a such mud made house or hut is placed with tiny or small plants surrounding the hut, and below the gravels filled zone gives the hut a hilly effect along with the beautiful flower plant that is colorful small flowers in the small plants, will make the pot look more beautiful.

Small House Or Hut

4. Garden With Bridge:

In this pot arrangement one broken pot and two or more unbroken similar and smaller pots are taken, both of them are joined by the bridge, decorate the whole pot areas into a beautiful garden, with synthetic colorful flowers laid on the tiered floors, with small and tiny lucrative plants, the fairy tale decoration of the pot is of a beautiful imaginery big garden.

Garden With Bridge

5. Coastal Huts:

Broken pots  filled with small stones and small spine plants with thorny leaves are arranged to be planted on the soil covered with the small gravel stones, coastal huts or mud made huts small huts are placed to give the fairy tale look, it is one of the easiest form of decoration that can be implemented on the pot which is easy to maintain the green plants can be planted by giving the pot a new and extravagant look throughout.

Coastal Huts

6. House On The Hills:

Beautifully laid out a fairy tale dream house on an old iron made pot, the house with a sloped roof and is placed at the higher level starting from the parapet or the boundary wall, the fencing of the house with night lamps and small plants are planted on the soil, along with small grasses grown on the floor of the ground, small diameter saucers or round shaped wooden plates can be used as stair, the house looks amazing at the level from the ground level of the pot.

House On The Hills

7. Open Front Yard:

Large broken flower pots with beautiful arched doors and windows along with fixed glasses gives a vintage effect, the climbing plants of beautiful colors are attached to the walls of the pots, few greens are also grown on the floor of soils as grasses, and the top with few long grasses, a pathway can be made with the stones that makes the pot an open front yard space of a fairy tale, thus the pot itself is utilized giving a totally new look and the plants are also grown though in very few amount, above all it also requires less maintenance.

 Open Front Yard

8. Caves And Hut On Top Of Hill:

One of your sleek and artistic pot gets broken that is larger in size, utilize it in making a house on top of the hill, describing the ground with small plants that gives a tree effect as well as the house you climb through steps are made of small cobblestones  the pot itself executes a beautiful design, on top is the house and in between the top and ground lays the cave again, caves are the part of the fairy tales from where the story can begin.

Caves And Hut On Top Of Hill



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