8 Small Patio Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Urban Oasis

Small does not sound good especially when it comes down to creating a patio that can provide you with the ultimate urban oasis. However that certainly does not mean that you cannot have a patio with desired landscape. As a matter of fact small patio ideas are way too many than you thought. Therefore to determine what idea you want to implement or what suits the most for your small patio, start with determining how much space you have for use. Next, check the position of the sun during the day. A commonly held fact about having a small patio for creating ultimate urban oasis is that you need to have mirrors and a small space for sipping coffee. Having a mirror in the small patio space helps in doubling the visual size, on the other hand some space for relaxation is always more than welcome.

Here Are 8 Small Patio Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Urban Oasis

1. Mirror On The Patio Wall

As mentioned, small patio space always require some clever tricks to magnify space issues. Therefore, a wall hung on the patio wall helps in multiplying the space and visual depth to your patio. Small or big, the mirror has to be strategically placed in order to reflect most of greenery for creating the ultimate urban oasis. Don’t restrict the process to just using a plain jane mirrors, you can also use mirrors which have beautifully decorated frames and designs that can add glitters to the patio.

Mirror On The Patio Wall

2. Space Saving Lighting

Urban oasis look for a small patio depends a lot on lighting since patios are an ideal hangout points at night. But you need not overburden the space with lots of expensive lamps and other illumination accessories. Funny as it may sound but if you want to add a bit of cozy feel, candles in jar or small cups look very cool and classy as temporary lighting solution. And the best illumination system to fall back on will be Pendant lights and LED string lights.

Space Saving Lighting

3. Bold Decor

Small patios are all about creating a focal point with the most minimalist décor. The best way to induct bold in your urban oasis would be use of bold hues that can be used on rugs, painted on walls and can even be used in cushions and pillows. Another focal point accessory is a tabletop fire pit that simply blazes the entire area with its bold statement. The whole idea for creating the urban oasis in small patio is all about following the “less is more” mantra.

Bold Decor

4. Folding Chairs And Tables

Save the day with folding chairs and tables for making your patio the ultimate urban oasis. More so because they add great amount of flexibility in the crammed patios; consider this picture, you have to host quite a lot of guests. In this scenario, foldable chairs and tables can bring you a lot of space without affecting much of your patio space. Always remember, use furniture that is meant only outdoor use. A common ottoman coffee table could be your all season table.

Folding Chairs And Tables

5. Vertical Gardening

With so much happening on the ground, it is better you utilize some space for patio on the wall as well. Plants and flowers are an integral part of urban oasis patio; therefore start by vertical gardening to stun your guests. Vertical gardening gets way easier with installation of trellis. They tend to provide sunlight from the higher level of elevation and also prevent the plant pots of the risk of getting kicked or damaged. Other than trellis, there is also wall mounted garden and hanging planters.

Vertical Gardening

6. French Patio

French architecture is too good to be given a miss even for small patios. The designing of French patio is all about extensive use of rustic furniture and to provide striking contrast and this form very much the Victorian décor that the world has known for many years now.

French Patio

7. Custom Patio Table

This is definitely the need of the hour for the small patios provided you are into intrinsic detailing of furniture. Custom made patio table gives the entire patio a more customized, better developed look. You can also make the patio space a bit more inviting with Bisazza tiles.

Custom Patio Table

8. Woodbeam Covered Patio

The structure itself looks colossal and the small patio is even more of urban oasis due to the wood beams that are supported by cement pillars. Covered patio induction is for the simplest reason that some people don’t like the sunlight fall over directly.

Woodbeam Covered Patio

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