8 Retro Diner Decor Ideas For Your House

There is something when it comes to diners. Yes the food is the major ingredient which brings the most out to the table but having tall colored stools, colored tables and some flowers would just click the perfect picture for a retro theme. Reliving the past isn’t a bad option and if you are planning to host a meal for the elderly people, try to create a surrounding that is extinct; the Retro theme. Let us see some ways by which you can draft your diner accordingly to go back to the past, without going through hassle; just easy and simple.

Here Are 8 Retro Diner Decor Ideas For Your House

1. Stepping Back Into The Past

Place some old clocks on the wall. The vintage traits of the clock would allow you to step back into the past, well because the retro is a time from the past. Let the colors also flow in the clocks, recommended on colored walls. Try some hanging clocks, it would give you an old street London theme.

Stepping Back Into The Past

2. Display Walls

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, the advertisement boarding would use eatables and cars as their customers. Bring the same back by placing some pictures of some old companies such as Del Monte or Volksvagen or some superhero as they are pretty old; you quite like something from the past.

Display Walls

3. Have A Seat

The retro theme is all about colors. Try having some colored seats or stools on your dining table, red would look crazy as it sounds.

have a seat

4. Retro Cutlery

The food is the master stroke in such situations. Having to serve the same in colored cutlery i.e. plates, tea cups, spoons and forks and the bottles, let them be colored with bright colors. If you are not fond of colors, silver can be the substitute.

Retro Cutlery

5. Let The Music Play

Having some old transistor or a radio would make you a winner. Antique music players cannot be substituted. Let them be on while you are having your meals to give you a taste of what it felt like to listen to some old tracks on an old music player. Do not forget to tune into some old melodies while filling your stomach.

Let The Music Play

6. Chess’d Floor

Want to slide back and have a blast from the past, have checkered flooring at your diner area. Back in the retro times, the restaurants, homes, pubs and even bars had similar type of floor. Do not worry, if you don’t want to have the tiles changed, painting them is a solution to get yourself back into the retro time.

Chess’d Floor

7. The Appliance Master

Rethink your appliances and try to find what looked like how in the past. Talk to your parents and they would tell you the colored fridges, bamboo carriers and mid table fruit basket. Not too fancy articles but having to do with these small an petty changes will give you sure shot results as to decorate your diner in a retro style.

The Appliance Master

8. Accessorize

When you have to increase the intensity of the retro theme, the accessories can do wonders for you. Vintage looking jars, old ketchup and spice dispensers, old dining style mugs, unique cutting boards are all included under this heading; feel free to add and make the most of the articles that you think have a retro look.


These ideas are surly going to make a huge impact on your decor. So, try them out and see the difference.

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