8 Living Room Wall Paper Ideas

They were shunned, termed hideous and useless for decorating living room walls and now they are being adopted and embraced like never before. This is pretty much the story of resurgence for wallpapers that are used to accentuate and to add glitters to the walls. As a matter of fact, living room wallpapers have redeemed themselves for the living rooms with a plethora of color and pattern options that may just be appropriate for every house. They can be in floral, animal or even abstract patterns. Just so you are clear, it must be pointed out that the days of using wallpapers to add wow-factor only to walls are long over. They can be wrapped over your shelves, cabinets as well so they compliment the entire room’s backdrop. With unimaginable number of options available for wallpapers, the job of selecting few of them as best becomes only harder and dirtier. Yet you got to take a look at these 8 living room wallpaper ideas.

Here Are 8 Living Room Wall Paper Ideas

1. Wallpaper Borders

This is the more generalized of an idea that is applicable to all wallpaper patterns and designs. It can be applied to have only optimum amount of wallpaper décor in the walls. Therefore you can start with only a roll of wallpaper that covers the higher region of the wall. The “less is more” theory is hence truly justified in this idea. More frequently, it is done to avoid overtone effect that floral wallpaper has on walls.

Wallpaper Borders

2. Striped Wallpaper

This could not be any simpler. Horizontal stripes for wallpaper in neutral hues; this pretty much sums it up for this décor. Striped wallpapers look gentle on the wall and can be favored for its neutrality and simplicity. Smaller living rooms get more of a completed room provided they have striped wallpaper. Lighter shades seem to work best for them as darker ones tend to absorb light.

Striped Wallpaper

3. Geometric Wallpaper

Another go-to wallpaper pattern over the years, geometrics are still in contention. The beauty of geometric is its pattern within a pattern. Chances are that you can get horizontal striped wallpaper with geometric shapes. Add to that they know no bindings as far as colors are concerned.

Geometric Wallpaper

4. Contrast Wallpaper

You were already told about wallpapers being part of furniture too. Here it goes; you can get contrast wallpaper to clear the air or in case you are in a fix to select any one of two of your favorites. In this duo, it is best to have one of them in black and white pattern which may be put on the floor or shelves. When the two opposite clash, a brilliant combination is for all to see.

Contrast Wallpaper

5. Black And Gold Wallpaper

To say the least, black magic with golden touch will leave your living room look stunning. Black as background hue for your wallpaper and all the ethnic designs or any design done in gold color is worth a thing to look at. For those looking for metallic finish will not be disappointed either. This will add greater panache if you happen to have any silver colored furniture.

Black And Gold Wallpaper

6. Animal Print Wallpaper

Kids love it in their bedrooms and there is absolutely no faux involved bringing them to your living room as well. Needless to say what they are all about but what you would surely notice is those animal silhouettes have their own eccentricity that can look silently pleasant. Gender neutral shade is usually chosen and they can be considered to be pretty apt for living rooms too. If not, just border the walls with them for a change.

Animal Print Wallpaper

7. Leaf Printed Wallpaper

Just like stripes, leaf printed wallpapers too throw a lot of options because of the fact that plant world has several breeds. Here is the best part; they look traditional in the best possible manner and based on the wallpaper choice you can either get the dense leaf prints or evenly spread motifs. The high impact look can be achieved if the living room has dominant wooden furnishings.

Leaf Printed Wallpaper

8. Tartan Wallpaper

Those still wanting to hold back to the time that went by would surely love tartan wallpaper for their living rooms. They are sleek, simple and definitely versatile. So much so that you can even blend them in a living room filled with modern amenities. Tartan wallpapers have a lot of vintage value and have become a hard find owing to the rising demand. For tartan wallpaper there is no color scheme as such but tan and chocolate brown have been relied upon for years now.

Tartan Wallpaper

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