8 Landscaping Ideas For Pool Lovers

Pool lovers are obviously aqua babies who love to spend much of their time in swimming pool; so much so that they will not settle for anything less than a pool in their backward. Then again, if it is a pool in one’s own space then there is also the itch to enhance its beauty to make it more customized. Landscaping of pools is not fully about natural decor. Nor is it wise to have a pool landscaped entirely with artificial objects’ use. It is all about landscaping a pool in such a way that you can enjoy splashes of water at any point of the day or night. To make the pool area even more enjoyable a place, don’t forget to check on privacy. There’s more; seating space is also pretty crucial given pools become an ideal spot for hangout on a sultry day. Find out how well you can landscape the pool for the pool lovers with these 8 landscaping ideas.

Here Are 8 Landscaping Ideas For Pool Lovers

1. Plunge Pools

For the pool lovers who are denied of space, plunge pool is a blessing. Plunge pools take less possible space and the best thing about them is that they fit perfectly in every landscaping idea. However plunge pools need to be illuminated amply and there should not be too many trees nearby to avoid obscurity. You can also add plunge pool into contemporary landscape that is more associated with Thai spa’s decor.

Plunge Pools

2. Kidney Pool With Seating Arrangement

If you have always dreamt of bringing the five star hotels like element in your backyard, look no farther than kidney pool two beach chairs. Kidney pool is every pool lovers’ delight that add a lot of uniqueness with its design. Another expensive yet novel idea would be that of an addition of springboard to have the ultimate fun.

Kidney Pool With Seating Arrangement

3. Pool Lights

Irrespective of the kind of pool or the shape and size that it has, absence of pool lights will rob you off the pleasure of dipping yourself in the water in late hours. Pool lights are also necessary if the pool is in the garden. Color of pool lights need to be bright and sharp. Ensuring that the pools’ surroundings and beneath are illuminated is also a must. Moreover, you really want to host a pool party for your friends, don’t you?

Pool Lights

4. Swimming Pool With Potted Plants At Borders

In the most natural and scenic landscapes, the color green cannot be kept away for too long. The biggest advantage of having green potted plants lies in the fact that you can change the décor and set-up as per convenience and mood. Some outdoor furniture can also be a great addition for there is a good balance of symmetry in the overall design.

Swimming Pool With Potted Plants At Borders

5. Rocky Landscape Pool

This landscaping idea makes your pool the standing point in the house as rocky landscape gives a lot of ethos and feel about a pool straight out of the rocks. In this landscaping idea, aquatic vegetation too plays their part. Although the pool would be smaller in area as compared to contemporary pools, you’d still be enamored by the fact that the pool is in the natural surroundings.

Rocky Landscape Pool

6. Stone Surface Walkway

An array of stones like rock, marbles, sandstones and even stone slabs used for walkway around the pool gives a lot of intrinsic surface design. This transforms the entire pool area drastically without looking too dull or arid. With rocks, some of the healthy addition would be ornamental grasses and potted plants on the border area for adding contrast and texture in the entire landscape.

Stone Surface Walkway

7. Green Lawn

The lush green lawns as pool landscaping element can hardly be superseded especially if the pool lovers prefers to take a dip during the day. For this landscaping idea, use of various hues green is highly advised i.e. Amazonian green, tropical green and even desert green. Few earthen flowers can also be a healthy addition with trees that don’t grow abruptly. Creeper plants are also fine to some extent as they require regular trimming.

Green Lawn

8. Lily Accents With Erigeron

A moonlight swim gets even more pleasurable with pools that are landscaped with lily and erigeron plants on the border. Lily and erigeron plants’ hues give stunning effect during the dark hours of the day. If you are looking for greater subtlety and detail, try California poppies at the farthest corners of the pool. Aspanthus can also be used to create a perfect cozy atmosphere by the pool and that too without letting anything bushy grow.

Lily Accents With Erigeron

These pool ideas are totally incredible. Try them out and flaunt your pool area among your guests.

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