8 Inspiring Ceiling Styles For Your Dream Home

What is one common feature of most of the ceilings found in almost every second home? Plain white! We never tend to work upon it despite spending huge sums on revamping rest of the house. But, a great ceiling (as found in palaces, hotels and old houses) adds value to your home and gives a unique style and character to your abode. A little bit of efforts in working on it keeping in mind the furniture, the walls and the paint can give a royal look. So let’s take a glance at some of the ceiling styles which can be worth giving a try in your home sweet home!

Here Are 7 Inspiring Ceiling Styles For Your Dream Home

1. Coffered Ceiling

This type of ceiling consists of series of sunken panels which can be given different shapes such as octagon, square or rectangle. However in several Islamic architectural designs, many deviations are found in the coffers carved. Coffered ceiling work best when the height of the ceiling is atleast 9 feet. Also, the coffers can be designed in living room, kitchen or study rooms. The paints on the coffer are chosen based on the theme. So in some cases, darker shades impart a more masculine flavor whereas in other cases, light colors impart the softness to the room. The depth of the coffered ceiling needs to be carefully planned to preserve the richness of the room.
Coffered Ceiling

2. Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Do you love antiquated look and feel which might take you to an old world? Reclaimed wood ceiling in that case might work wonders for you. It gives a rustic feeling to your room and it enhances the texture when interspersed with right kind of floor design and right kind of lights such as a chandelier. Right from oak to pine, the choices are open for you. The only caution is the quality wherein it should be non-toxic, non-infested and non-degraded. Rest you can leave it to the wood to take care of your house appearance!
Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

3. Hardwood Ceiling

If you want to bring the floor to the ceiling, it can be done, literally! Use the wood flooring on your ceiling and the job is done. A bold and sturdy look can be contrasted with a soft floor, which is soft colored which radiates tranquility thus balancing out the overall hard effect! Modern urban settings can beautifully use this design by just giving it a dark glossy appearance which complements the walls, floors and furniture. However, it can also work other way round wherein the ceiling is white while the rest of the setting is dark.
Hardwood Ceiling

4. Accent Ceiling

Accent literally means “emphasis”. When we want to emphasize our ceilings, the best way is to make it colorful which grabs the attention. Based on your taste and liking for type and amount of shades, you can keep it plain with a single dark color or drab it with a mixture of colors to radiate the glow from it. Take a step ahead and use wallpaper on the ceiling to bring your aesthetic skills to the next level. Based on the room you want to caress, colors can vary from soft to bold. In the end, your room should reflect your personality.
Accent Ceiling

5. Barrel Vaults Ceiling

With origins tracing back as long as thousand years ago, barrel vaults also known as tunnel vaults or wagon vaults were used profusely in Egyptian and Roman structures. These can be carved in wood or stone and can be used in large halls with substantial heights and complemented by use of long light fixtures. However, they can be used with ease in bathrooms or open balcony. Mosaic tiled barrel vaults are found in kitchens which are narrow but long.
Barrel Vaults Ceiling

5. Tray Ceiling

If you are bitten by the luxury and elegance bug, tray ceiling might be a perfect choice for you. Also known as inverted or recessed ceiling, this design has a dent in the center of the ceiling with protrusions along the periphery. This type of ceiling works best in large rooms with considerable heights. The central part can be painted in a manner which can grab the eyeballs of the onlooker. Use of a single color or a mural is left upto your choice. Use of contrasting colors from your walls will give you a picture perfect location.
Tray Ceiling

6. Exposed Beams Ceiling

This design is featured in traditional houses where the beams are left exposed but draped in wood or steel or any other material. The main feature of this design is its ability to hide light fixtures. The beams can be painted with different color than the roof to give a contrast or same color as that of the roof to maintain the continuity. Many designers prefer to leave the beams unfinished to impart authenticity to the ceiling.
Exposed Beams Ceiling

7. Drywall Ceiling

This is the most common type of ceiling used across the homes due to its simplicity and speedier way to construct it. While the traditional drywall ceiling was draped in plain white, modernity can be added to it by modifying it such layering, mural designing or using tongue and groove feature. In all the cases, the depth of the colors and pattern gives it a different look.

Drywall Ceiling

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