8 Incredible Ideas For Rooftop Garden


The concrete jungles of modern cities elude us of the lush green outdoors that come with suburban areas. While potted plants have always been in demand in urban areas, rooftop gardens are now gaining momentum all over the world. A rooftop garden is a great way to use up the empty space and replace it with something so refreshing and cool. If one has the space and time to cultivate a garden on the roof, the ideas are really endless. All it needs is a little nurturing and in no time the lush green outdoors are right in your reach.

Let’s Look At Some Incredible Ideas For A Rooftop Garden:

1. Lawn On The Roof

This is probably the easiest way of having some greenery around you. Once the lawn is installed, the amount of maintenance requires is also very reasonable. A beautiful lawn and some patio furniture strew around and evenings can become even more enchanting. The pleasure of sitting on the grass under the night sky and possibly some stars comes second to none. Look for a large empty area on the roof and install a lawn with some ornamental plants all around and your beautiful rooftop garden is ready.

Lawn On The Roof

2. Kitchen Garden On The Roof

This is the current rage in cities like New York right now. Even restaurants are investing in a nice little rooftop herb garden so they’ll always have fresh ingredients to cook with. There are some amazing herbs that grow very fast and need only a little maintenance. Even vegetables like tomatoes and onions can be grown very easily. A rooftop kitchen garden is a wonderful idea if you want to cook with fresh ingredients that have been grown organically by yourself.

Kitchen Garden On The Roof

3. A Garden Over The Garage

If you like to use your roof for things other than gardening, then there is always the garage top that can be used for that purpose. The place is always empty and otherwise unusable so why not invest in a nice little garden over the garage! Whether it is ornamental plants or even a lawn, the place can be wonderfully managed and made to look lush and inviting.

A Garden Over The Garage

4. A Rooftop Green Book Cave

An environment tailor made for books and the joy of reading. Sculpt your own little book cave on the roof with greenery all around you. The fragrance coming from the flowers and the herbs and the beauty of the words in your book combine together to give you the best experience ever. A huge cane installment like the one shown in the picture goes perfectly well with the green surroundings. Those summer afternoons will never be empty again.

A Rooftop Green Book Cave

5. Rooftop Pool Garden

Nothing combines better than a pool and a garden. It’s a match made in heaven. And you can make it one your roof too. Get a small pool installed on the roof and a lushly grown lawn around it. There is a chance that you might spend all of your time on the roof and hardly any under the roof, as in, the house. These days, natural looking lakes are being widely used instead of the good old blue colored swimming pools. If you get one of those, then the roof will look like a serene page out of a forest and barely like the top of a building.

Rooftop Pool Garden

6. Rooftop Garden With Lighted Plants

This is solely for those summer nights when the outdoor is too beautiful to stay inside. A rooftop garden deck with lots of ornamental plants and some lighting strewn around delicately and you have the perfect atmosphere for a barbecue party or even a quiet night of conversations with your loved ones. In terms of appearance, this looks absolutely gorgeous and inviting.

Rooftop Garden With Lighted Plants

7. A Canopy Of Flowers On The Roof

For all the urban horticulturists who are desperate to plant some flowers and then architect them in your own creative way, this is the perfect creative outlet. A canopy of flowering plants or creepers over some patio furniture is the perfect way to make your terrace look awe inspiring.

A Canopy Of Flowers On The Roof

8. The Minimalist Rooftop Garden

Minimalism is the most modern trend of our times. The concept of minimalism is such that it can be imbibed in anything. Even a garden! You can have a minimalist rooftop deck with the choicest plants of your liking arranged in their perfect spots. Add in a little bit of minimalistic furniture and you have the most gorgeous looking modern minimalist rooftop garden.

The Minimalist Rooftop Garden

Rooftop garden are the most trendy thing people opting these days because of unavailability of land to plant trees. Try the above mentioned rooftop garden ideas are spread green.


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