8 Incredible DIY Tricks To Make Garden Pots From Waste

The modern lifestyle that we live today entails with it a lot banes that do not look like banes. For example, we buy things we don’t need all the time and then throw them in a corner of our house and forget about them. If you were to go looking for things that you don’t use strewn around your house, there is a good chance that you’ll be surprised. Chances are that you won’t even remember buying most of those things. That’s where the DIY culture comes in handy. Maintaining a little garden is one of the easiest things out there. And you can do it even if you don’t have those traditional planters or flower pots. You can use a lot of other things that you thought were of no use anymore for as planters.

Let’s Look At Some Ideas For Making Garden Pots From Waste

1. Rain Boots

Remember those rain boots that you bought ages ago? Their utility as boots is probably over but they can still be transformed into other useful things. One of them being a pot for plants. Because of the depth that the rain boots have, plants can grow wonderfully and you can choose small flowery plants to add to that visual appeal. For covering the outer surface of the boots, acrylic colors can be used to paint on them. The boot planters will last forever.

Rain Boots

2. Tyre Planters

Tyres are another great idea for planting. They are especially good for growing herbs because herbs don’t need a lot of depth in soil for a good growth. It’s like moving a piece of earth around in a circular container without too much difference in appearance. When placed in the perfect spot, these tyre planters look incredible. They can also hold a lot of water so as to keep the soil fertile at all times.

Tyre Planters

3. Jars

If you have a lot old glass jars and don’t know what to do with them, then growing plants is the way to go. The visual appeal is amazing in this one. Who doesn’t like to watch a plant grow in all its glory? The only downside is that they don’t have holes at the bottom for the excess water to flow out. But that can be managed by rationing the watering process of these plants. Go for it. You’ll definitely find a jar or two around your house somewhere.


4. Crates

There is not much use for the wooden crates once their utility is completed. It is likely that all of us have at least one crate lying in corner of the garden. It’s time to bring it back. Put the crate to use by filling it up with some fertile soil and grow the plants of your liking. Even a normal sized crate can hold a lot of soil so even the bigger plants can be grown inside them.


5. Shoe Holder

This is great for small plants and herbs. And it is portable. You can move it anywhere you like at any time you want. How great is that! Just be a little careful with amount of water you use and a shoe holder planter will be all set. The good thing about this is that you can buy as many shoe holders as you want and grow as many plants as you like. This is great for a kitchen herb garden.

Shoe Holder

6. Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are found aplenty in every house. And more often than not, one doesn’t know what to do with them except may be giving them away to the garbage boy for recycling. But you can now use them for growing plants. That’s right. Plants grow amazingly well in bottles. They get ample a sunlight and water which makes them a great choice for growing plants.

wine bottles

7. Boxes And Bowls

This is probably the cheapest way in the world to add a beautiful touch to your home. You can make hanging flower pots out of little boxes and even the bowls used in the kitchen. Just hang them off a rope and grow flowers in them.

Boxes And Bowls

8. Purses

Yes you read that right! Purses and handbags that are no longer in fashion now have a new purpose of existence. Plants some herbs or flowers in purses and hang them anywhere you want. Even the wall around the garden is bound to look pretty with this wonderful idea of making garden pots from waste and things you don’t use anymore.


The above mentioned pot ideas from waste are totally environmental friendly. Plus, it also gives a colorful clean look to your garden. try them out!

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