8 Home Decor Tips To Decorate Your Home In A French Style

Are you planning to decorate your lovely abode in an exquisite French style? Are you looking for some French home décor tips to turn your home more graceful and inviting? That’s great. French home decorating style is warm, welcoming, elegant, and charming. Patterned fabrics, vintage-styled old furniture, sparkling chandeliers, and exquisite décor help you embellish your homes in an enchanting French style. So, let’s have a look at some home decorating tips to add a French touch to your lovely abode.

Find Below 8 Helpful French Home Décor Tips To Follow To Have French Styled Home

1. Place Old, Classic Furniture

Old, vintage-style furniture are French home décor essentials. French homes are known for having old, rustic furniture. You can rub the edges of a painted chair, table, or desk using a sandpaper to make it look like a distressed furniture matching the French home theme. If you have old furniture in attic, then place it in your home to serve the purpose.

Place Old, Classic Furniture

2. Have Sparkling Chandeliers

French interiors are popular for having sparking vintage-styled French chandelier. Lighting is an important element in French homes as it balances the dreary appearance that wooden and old furniture imparts. You can choose to have unique chandeliers, ranging from gleaming crystal, exquisite wrought iron, to artistic sconces to add a French lighting touch to your home. If you want to brighten up your home with lampshades, then go for checkered lampshades as they add charm and enhance your lightening style in a pleasant way.

Have Sparkling Chandeliers

3. Install An Armoire For Clothes

French closets are unique featuring antique style. So, have French armoire to store your clothes systematically. It is a freestanding clothes storage piece comprising lots of shelves, storing drawers, and a hanging rod. You can have French Armoire in your bedroom as well as bathroom to store your towels and linens.

Install An Armoire For Clothes

4. Hang Elegant Curtains

Elegant, stylish curtains are an important element of the French home décor. French style curtains are classic and known for softly filtering the light through them. They add an enchanting timeless appeal to your home interiors. Choose fabulous curtains made out of beautiful fabrics. Select curtains with delicate patterns to match the French theme. Choose curtains with soft colors, such as white, cream, and other lighter shades, to drape them on your windows. Also, curtains with exquisite fringes, lacy accents, artistic finish, and decorative trims adorn your French style interiors.

Hang Elegant Curtains

5. Add Bath Tub In Bathroom

French prefer soaking and relaxing in a bath tub rather having a quick shower. So, install a deep bath tub in your bathroom to add an elegant French tone to your bathroom Choose elegant soft colored tub as soft accents are best match for the French style.

Add Bath Tub In Bathroom

6. Use French Fabrics

French fabrics are elegant and add a pleasant tone when you use them in your home interiors. Toile is the most preferred fabric that French individuals use to decorate their homes. You can find this elegant fabric either in stripes or check designs. The timeless print of Toile fabric enhances the appearance of any room in your home. Choose this fabric for designing your bed-sheets, pillow covers, curtains, and any other décor that adorn your home.

Use French Fabrics

7. Paint Using A Subdued Palette

Most often, French avoid bright, bold, dark colors on walls of their home. They choose colorful yet elegantly white and subdued hues when painting their houses. Choose to have shades of white, sand, pale mint, or gray colors when painting your house. You can add decorative artistic accents to enhance the glam to your French themed home when painting it.

Paint Using A Subdued Palette

8. Inculcate Impressive Architecture

Having vintage-style architectural features can add a French flavor to your home. Have rustic stone tiles in your kitchen. Install hand-scraped wood beams in your home interiors. Also, you can have curved archways within your home and complex artistic molds to inculcate French style into your home interiors.

Inculcate Impressive Architecture

Now that you know these eight French home décor tips, try them to decorate your home in a French style.

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