8 Glitzy And Glorious Bathroom Ideas

It’s quite easy to change the structure of our bedroom or drawing room but you have to think effectively if you want to do certain change in it. If you add only single sparkling effect, your bathroom will give striking look. For giving such effect, you can pick one or two wall and start painting yourself. This looks crazy but it will lead you to unique creation. You can also put sparkling tiles on the wall of bathroom. There are certain groups of people who like unique things and are very conscious about their home style. They try to do something flashy which looks magnificent.

Here Are 8 Glitzy And Glorious Bathroom Ideas

1. Brass Bathtub And White Wall

The combination of brass bathtub with white wall color is unique. It looks stylish, classy and ageless. You will have the most luxurious metal which can convert any general place to profligacy. Such kind of idea will give your bathroom a prestigious feel. If you don’t want to keep extra items in your bathroom, just keep this simple glitzy bathtub along with brass shower. You can also keep leaf table for toiletries and mirror with brass frame. The combination of all of this will take you to the next level. Try to paint white color in the wall to get extra favor from guests.

Brass Bathtub And White Wall

2. Concrete Bathroom

A fashionable bathroom with white color separate bathtub and shower can be united with concrete wall. Use double sink pattern with mirror for extra use, if you are not alone. Instead of concrete ceiling, you can use glass ceiling, so that sunlight can directly come to you. You can enjoy both your style and nature at the same time. The wall concrete should not look like manufacturing concrete. It should be specially made for bathroom. For extra marks, you can add a splash of pink stool.

Concrete Bathroom

3. Steel Bathtub Inside Black Bathroom

Black color is known as the king of all color. If you love dark colors, add a black color wall to your bathroom. Make your silver bathtub in freestanding style which will catch the light to create speckled blaze. You can also select a small animal sculpture to shine your bathroom. Keep the bathtub exactly in front of window of bathroom so that you can enjoy the sunlight.

Steel Bathtub Inside Black Bathroom

4. Blue Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is known as art of creating beautiful images with the help of small pieces of colorful glass or tiles. These tiles are ideally use for kitchen or bathroom backsplash for providing traditional look. Bathroom in the picture have beautifully crafted blue mosaic tiles. White color sink and two mirror attached to it gives a splash to overall look. Metallic silver color frames around mirror are at it best. The bathtub is hiding behind curtain with white and brown color.

Blue Mosaic Tiles

5. White Fittings With Blue Bathroom

Just look at the simplicity of bathroom, isn’t it wonderful? It has simple blue color with white ceiling and off white flooring. A sculpture will be extra added on. Don’t try to override with heavy sink on this simple bathroom. You can decorate it with simple wall piece. This bathroom will automatically create its calm experience. You can use the dark shade of blue color. If you want to give a scent of luxury, you can add a part of Midas tiles.

White Fittings With Blue Bathroom

6. Marble Floor Bathroom

You can give your bathroom a contemporary touch by marble design flooring. You can use such style when you have a small bathroom. You have to use it such a way that you can include everything. The color combination also gives psychological width to your bathroom. You can attach shower curtain in monochrome color for extraordinary look. You may keep it simple with white fittings. If you want to keep wall and flooring color same, go for same marble which is used in flooring.

Marble Floor Bathroom

7. Turquoise Blue Bathroom

Wallpaper always gives striking looks to any room. You can use it in bathroom also. If you want to add charm in your life, choose turquoise blue color wallpaper in the entire bathroom. Normally, turquoise blue color is widely known as teal color. This dazzling graphic pattern will give you a pleasure of different level. If you want a bit pop up, keep white color sink along with it. A dark color background along with white upfront gives firing delights.

Turquoise Blue Bathroom

8. Luxurious Open Bathroom

This looks like a unique concept in our life. Either you are living alone or with dear one, if you want to enjoy every bit of life, you will definitely prefer such style. After looking at it, everyone is thinking about having the same open bathroom with fireplace. Just go for simple white marble flooring with brown furnishing. You can also keep a big stylish mirror with white frame in front of bathtub. Just step down from the corridor and here you in. Wash your face at sink or take a bath with a little heat of fire. Don’t forget to keep a chair for resting.

Luxurious Open Bathroom

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