8 Fabulous Tricks To Decorate Your Garden Quickly

Decorating a garden can be a meaty task. However, if you are really looking forward to it, it can be fun and exciting. There are plenty of ways to decorate the garden. While plants play a major role in decorating gardens, you can select a few simple items that will enhance the beauty of your garden. Creatively displaying flowers, adding an outdoor rug or adding a little water body can spice up the garden instantly. Basically, decorating a garden is not tough, what is important is to plan effectively. There are plenty of cheap and easily available decor items that can be used for this purpose and all of it will contribute to a fantastic new look for your garden.

Here Are 8 Fabulous Tricks To Decorate Your Garden Quickly

1. Create A Spring Fiesta

With the coming of spring, gardens deck up with a new lease of life. Flowers start blooming and new plants fill the garden. Use this opportunity to decorate your garden with flowers. Take small glass bowls or cheap margarita glasses to keep flowers. You can either place individual flowers on each bowl or float them on some water. If you wish to keep a few floating flowers in a big bowl, place some tea light candles and it will decorate your garden instantly.

Create A Spring Fiesta

2. Place A Mirror On The Fence

Hang a mirror to the garden fence. This will create an optical illusion and make the garden look bigger. It adds depth and therefore, creates a sense of a larger space. This is very easy to do and all you have to do is take a big mirror and tie it to the fence and see how your garden suddenly becomes double its size.

Place A Mirror On The Fence

3. Decorate The Garden Floor

Garden floors can be decorated in a number of ways. While placing tiles can be time consuming, you can quickly decorate it with a big outdoor rug. These add to the beauty and elegance of the garden. Different shapes, patterns and designs are available in the market and can be easily placed on the floor. Choose outdoor rugs that are easy to clean and your garden will soon look like a charming place.

Decorate The Garden Floor

4. Redesign The Pathway

The garden pathway is an important décor element. It can be decorated easily with different types of fencing. Create an archway entrance with metal bars or rods. Let the climbers perch on it and in no time it will create a beautiful shaded pathway. Hang little objects such as terracotta bells, or wind chimes at the entrance of the pathway to decorate it. Fairy lights can also be wound around the pathway for a magical look at night.

Redesign The Pathway

5. Create A Water Feature

Water features always look good in a garden. Whether you have an elaborate water fountain or a simple décor item with a few flowers or potted plants. Take a large wide mouthed pot. Fill it up with water. Place some decorative stones at the bottom and add a small water pump that will help to circulate the water. Keep a nice tub with a flower plant inside the water. It will instantly spruce up a dull garden.

Create A Water Feature

6. Concentrate On A Focal Point

Gardens with a focal point always look good. You can easily do it with a large terracotta saucer. Hang it over the trees, in the middle of the garden. Fill it with water and attach trellis for the climbers. Let it work as a bird bath as well as the perfect attachment for climbing veins. You can color it in a vibrant shade or match its color with the general color scheme of the garden.

Concentrate On A Focal Point

7. Make Some Frosty Lights

Handmade frosty lights look excellent in the garden. It not only acts as a lighting element, it also adds to its décor. Votive candle holders made with frosty glass can be used for this purpose. Simply place them strategically around the garden and create the perfect ambience for a great garden. You can also use these to line the pathway. Alternatively, hang some white glass bottles with decorative stones in between plants. Place small tea light candles inside and light them up at night.

Make Some Frosty Lights

8. Reuse A Garden Bench

An old garden bench can be quickly converted into a garden centerpiece. Add a fresh coat of paint and place some small potted flowering plants on it. Let all of them sit together, side by side. It will look even better if you have flowers in different colours. It will act as a shelf for the plants and is ideal for adding color and new vigor to the garden. Hang a few garden themed items or antiques collected from the local flea market. For lighting, hang fairy lights all over the bench. Little bells or terracotta décor items can be placed on the bench for added beauty.

Reuse A Garden Bench

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