8 Fabulous Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas

Kitchen islands are the hottest trend followed in many of the modern homes today. This is because it provides additional storage space, work-space and extra seating. If you are looking for some good ideas to decorate your kitchen island then you are on the right page. Here we have compiled eight amazing ideas to make your kitchen island splendid, the most talked about space, in your home. We bet these ideas will inspire you to redesign your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas:

1. Contrasting Color:

Add a punch to your kitchen by painting your kitchen island with an unexpected, bright hue that is totally in contrast to your kitchen palette. This will make your kitchen island stand out and make it visually interesting. The use of such contrast colors will highlight the island and catches every one’s attention. The happy vivid hues will make your otherwise boring kitchen into something special and adds joy and charm to the space.

Contrasting Color

2. Playful:

A scalloped design along the top edges of your kitchen island is good enough to add a playful, vintage vibe to your kitchen. The motif will grab everyone’s attention creating a darling effect. To make it more classic, go for two different paints (neutrals and white combo) for the island counter, one for the top and another for the bottom.


3. Sculptured:

To make your kitchen look quirky, rustic and unique, let your creativity run and create a sculpted island counter. Make it more functional such that it can be both a kitchen island and a breakfast bar. A sculpted island counter will bring in a contemporary look and at the same time an old world charm to your kitchen. If you want your home to be artistic and also practical in design then it adds elegance and beauty to the area.


4. Classic:

For a more classic look, dress up your kitchen island with all white. An all white island with marble top will look amazing and posh. The marble will add sophistication and the entire island counter will add style and sophistication to your home. A few silver brass stools will go well with the classic marble- all- white counter.


5. Brassy:

A pop of brass or a golden accent is enough to glam up the interiors but think how it would look when your entire island counter is made of brass? Super stylish and glamorous it would be right. With minimalistic and sleek design, the splendid brass island counter will transform your kitchen into a unique and very much appealing space in your home.



6. Beautiful Curves:

It is not necessary for the kitchen islands to be always rectangle or square in shape. Curves like oval or semi circle are a wonderful space utilization option. This kind of design is perfect for smaller kitchen. If you attach a glass top at the lower level then it serves as a dining area. A modern kitchen benefits from this unique space saving approach.

Beautiful Curves

7. Stainless Steel:

If your kitchen has grey color theme then a stainless steel kitchen island blends beautifully with the rest of the décor. The metallic look is absolutely striking and brings in an authoritative look to the kitchen area.

Stainless Steel

8. Mix and Match:

Mixing different materials would add an interesting appeal to the area and highlights your kitchen. Cupboards made of oak with a granite top will be a perfect place to prepare food. This design would be something unique and different from the regular kitchen island designs. The organic look will enhance the appeal of the ultra modern kitchen decoration.

Mix and Match


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