8 Fabulous Ideas For Sea Side Dinning Rooms

Sea did dining rooms are one of its kind. The beauty of the seas along the beauty of the interiors in different for every overlooking dining rooms. The uniqueness of the interiors comes from the size, shape and layout and the furniture and decor used. Here are some of the interior decor ideas to make your seas overlooking dining room a little more fabulous.

Here Are 8 Fabulous Ideas For Sea Side Dinning Rooms

1. Blue Chairs

Add the color of the sea in your dining room. Paint the chairs in the dining room in a shade of blue that is usually seen on the sea. This bring the feeling of being near the sea closer to home. For better effect use a wooden table where some planks of wood have been put together and do not use a table cloth. The wood will add to the charm of the setting.

Blue Chairs

2. Back Door 

Have a back door in your dining room so that you can enjoy the cool breeze of the sea while enjoying your rustic or sea food. The cool wind in your hair while you are enjoying your meal alone or with others is always a pleasant touch and it even puts you in a light and happy mood which helps you to enjoy your food better.

Back Door

3. Wooden Chimes 

Add small wooden chimes in the shape of houses in your dining room. When the breeze hits, they will dance in the wind and create a soft and hollow sound of wood hitting against each other. If wood sounds are not your forte, put up a wooden house painted in cool and pastel colors and hang some conch shells at the bottom. The conch shells shall create their music in the wind which proves to be relaxing.

Wooden Chimes

4. Seaside Decoration 

Use what you found at sea to decorate your dining room and bring the sea closer. If you are near the sea you will come across seas shells. Take a few small sea shells, a glass bottle, some metal, jute and blue glass paint. Paint the bottle. After it is dry, put the metal inside it so that the bottle can be hung. Make a net with jute and add a few sea shells. You could simply place this on a counter or a table or hang it in a corner where there is ample light.

Seaside Decoration

5. Shells 

If there is a long table at the side of your room, get a long and shallow basket. The basket can be in a dark color, but a jute basket will give the perfect look. Fill the whole basket with seas shells and corals and just let it be. The bright sea shells will add to the essence of the sea.


6. Coral Candle Holders

Planning to have a nice romantic candle light dinner at your beach house? Well don’t just use any candles you can do that elsewhere too. Since you have made the effort of going to your beach house, why not a add a coral touch to your candle as well. Use candle holders which have sand and corals in them to give your dinner (preferably sea food) the coral touch.

Coral Candle Holders

7. Beach Lantern

Decorate your dining room with some beach lanterns, you can even use them instead of using the electrical light while having your dinner. If you do not find a big white lantern, get some spray paint and paint it white. Go to the beach and collect some sand and some fancy sea shells. Make a bed of sand in the lantern so that the things stay in place. Put a thick and long white candle into the lantern. Once you put the candle in, place the sea shells. If you are making more than one, you can place the sea shells in a different pattern.

Beach Lantern

8. Message On Wood 

If your dining room is attached to your kitchen, you can use wood planks to put up small messages that will remind one of the beach stalls. You could put up some planks of wood on the side of the counter or a cabinet or beside a window. You could even put it up on the wall near the counter or have a tray with a message on it. You could even place it at the center of your dining table and have a message that can be written on all four sides. Take a few planks of wood, glue them together and spray paint the message. To give the feeling of the sea, you could use white for painting the message.

Message On Wood

Sea view is the most beautiful and soothing view for the eyes. The above mentioned dinning area will give you new experience for having your food watching sea.

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