8 Decorating Ideas For Small Hallways

Hallway or corridor means a small passage which connects different parts of building. We can see at many buildings that hallway is always full of unused stuffs. The reason behind this is that we always focus on large area of our building and ignore small places. Hallway is one of them. When any outside person enters your room, hallway is the first place they face. Always try to apply bright color scheme to your hallway to create modern effect. Hallway is a high consumable area which makes it most deserted place. If you decorate your corridor a bit, you can create an immense impression of your building. For this, we have carried out some of ways to decorate your hallway.

Here Are 8 Decorating Ideas For Small Hallways

1. Wall Stencil

Do you have extra room under your stairs? You can decorate this quality space by adding stencils on the wall. You can turn it as reading area by keeping chair inside hallway. This looks crazy but it is an innovative idea to use your space. You can also keep a small night lamp under stairs to make it more visible. Add some stencil leaves in upward direction sticking to the wall so that your wall gets nice finishing.

Wall Stencil

2. Small Drawers

If you have lots of frequently usable small items in your house, making drawers in hallway is the best option. You can utilize a small space in valuable way. Wooden shelf type drawers not only store your valuable items but look attractive also. You can also place hanger at the side wall to hang your daily use cloths. Place a small night lamp on the drawer to give a beautiful look.

Small Drawers

3. Music Stuffs

Everyone likes music but some of them love it too much. They have lots of music instruments in their home which they frequently use. These instruments acquire a lot of your room space if they are big like piano. Do you ever think to keep piano under stairs? Think about it as it’s a beautiful idea to place it there. If you still have some space left, keep a chair to sit. You can also keep other small instrumental items under hallway. It really saves lots of your outer space and looks creational.

Music Stuffs

4. A Sturdy Trunk

If you have house not big enough to store things, you can make a trunk in hallway to keep used things. You can keep a beautiful fabric and pillow on it to get relaxed during free time. The storage under it can be used to keep shoes, umbrellas and daily used items. A window attached to the hallway gives you a pleasure feeling. If you want to use this place at night, you can keep a night lamp beside window.

A Sturdy Trunk
5. Console Table

If you like antique stuff, you can place console table in your hallway. Also, place a mirror along with wall to use console table attractively. You can keep makeup box, night lamp to give luxurious effect. Try to pick white color table to give it simple and cool look. Store your other daily use stuff under the table to save more space. Chair along with table also help you to read during night.

Console Table

6. Overhead Storage

Many of us don’t like things to keep on the floor whether it’s a table or trunk. Others don’t have enough space on the floor to keep the things. For that, you can use corridor wall to get things done. You can place overhead shelf rack to hang your clothes, scarves and ties. You can also keep a small bench under shelf. Change your shoes or knot a tie while relaxing on the bench. You can organize your valuable things at quality place such a way.

Overhead Storage

7. Hallway Storage

Till now, we saw products which can be available in readymade form. We now are going to look at the hallway storage which is custom made. You can make storage custom, as per your need and space available. You can make a wooden structure with two pillars besides each other with trunk in the middle. You can decorate it with stencils, lamp, your medals and trophies. Below trunk, you can keep your books or shoes to wear. This can be an ultimate idea to decorate as it is custom made. You can use remaining hallway space for other things.

Hallway Storage

8. Hallway Mirror

If you love to have a mirror in your hallway, you can place a full size mirror there. You have an option to cover it with full sized door if you don’t want to keep it in open view. This style gives a beautiful look to your corridor as guests will definitely like to view them before entering in the room.

Hallway Mirror

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