8 Creative Ways To Use Wasted Dormer Window Space

So what’s dormer window space? Well, it’s a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window. No wonder it is very much in the list of those who have a vision for their dream home. But what else does it do other than providing passage to the lopsided window? Nothing, it simply leaves lots of space to waste. Space that otherwise could have been used to extend your kitchen or living room. Time to bite the bullet with these 8 creative ways with which you can use the wasted dormer window space to make it one amazing corner and that too without shelling out.

Here Are 8 Creative Ways To Use Wasted Dormer Window Space

1. Shoe Closet

The most agonizing task in any household i.e. getting space for keeping shoes can surely give you a hard time. So why purchase a costly shoe rack that will also take its fair space? Using dormer window space is the best and already available corner of the house for the purpose. Build a shoe rack as a built in storage attached to the wall so it does not leave crammed space. To add further cleanliness, put vinyl lining so the shoe closet is scratch free and easy to clean.
Shoe Closet

2. Office Space With Desk

Yes, some people do work without any respite even at home. So much so that they get annoyed in the living room with a blaring TV on. Transform the waste dormer window space in an office like cube with all office necessities. Built in desk and a chair too keep on working for hours without affecting your serenity. It would only be a win-win situation if you already have a center table and a study lamp.
Office Space With Desk

3. Fillip Bench

If you still think it is worth having a dormer window space the way it is, you may as well want to incentivize the space. Therefore a well cushioned bench will certainly give you a bonus corner of the house to relax and chill. The idea is to stuff a bench below the dormer window space, pillows and cushions will be an amazing addition as well. If there is an outstanding requirement of some organizational space, opt for the benches with drawers so you can stack your favorite books and novels that you are glued to while sipping coffee!
Fillip Bench

4. Children’s Reading Nook

Alteration of area like wasted dormer window space is always good to give a stretch to kids’ imagination. Kids will be charmed and happy to have some designated space for their bedtime stories. Turn the dormer window space into a world of fantasy by cartoon character themed wall decorations, lots of book shelves and soft rugs. Put some pillows too; who knows when the little ones may doze off! Light arrangement should be optimum.

Children’s Reading Nook

5. Dormer Dresser

Once again, an amazing space saving idea; this time it will spare you from buying lavish dresser table. By adding a few chests of drawers in the dormer space, you will not only get extra storage space but also get a dresser table as a bedside table. It is however advised to refrain from having a mirror over the dorm dresser. Better alternative is a stained glass panel to send shimmers into the room.
Dormer Dresser

6. One Plus One Alcove Trundle Bed

This will be blissful for the kid and for you too. A love seat surrounded by curtains from either side near the wasted dormer window space is something that your cutie will love to the full. No worries it remains an extra sitting area for the grown ones in the daytime. Pull out the drawer looking cabinet to get an extra bed for her friend stopping by. If the dormer window space is too narrow, make sure the alcove is foldable and can be hooked be used as headboard.
One Plus One Alcove Trundle Bed

7. Make-Up Alcove

A make up area that offers privacy is always a deal sweetener. Bathrooms are probably overloaded with toiletries or even get engaged in times of need. It is better you have a make-up alcove that utilizes wasted dorm window space. But again, do not make it cluttered; minimal is fine, only the daily accessories, a small oval mirror and a trash bin is enough.
Make-Up Alcove

8. U- Shaped Desk

Minds belonging to creative art profession or even from accounting will be most benefited to have a U-shaped desk in the nook of dormer window. As is the case, there will be a little more of space to stack those files or accessories for official use
U- Shaped Desk

Try the above mentioned ideas and give a new look to your unutilized window space.

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