8 Creative Swiss Home Décor Tips To Try For Swiss Styled Home

Are you planning to decorate your precious home in Swiss style? That’s a fantastic idea! Swiss homes are quaint, full of floral motifs indoors and outdoors, and with lots of warm wood in several areas of the house. Swiss homes are fabulous, pleasant, and inviting. Whether you wish to embellish a Swiss chalet or simply try Swiss home décor style for your interiors, you are sure to develop a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in your lovely abode. So, let’s have a look at some easy, creative Swiss home décor tips that can help you decorate your home in a Swiss style.

Here Are 8 Creative Swiss Home Décor Tips To Try For Swiss Styled Home

1. Have Wooden Furniture, Walls

Wood plays an important role in enhancing the charm of the Swiss homes. So, choose to have furniture and walls that are made out of softwood, such as pine or larch. Unpainted furniture surface adds Swiss touch to your home. Embellish your home with traditionally shaped and designed furniture.

Have Wooden Furniture, Walls

2. Paint Walls White

Paint the interior walls of your house with white hue. Also, you can color wood paneling in white or sky blue color. Whitewashed walls add Swiss tone to your home interiors and look brilliant adorning your home environment.

Paint Walls White

3. Add Wooden Chests

Even though you can store your clothes in cupboards, cabinets, and armoires, peculiar Swiss home decorating style is marked by wooden chests for storage of clothes and belongings. Wooden chests not only help you store clothes but also their rustic appearance adds Swiss tone to your abode.

Add Wooden Chests

4. Use Big Oven

Install a big tiled oven in your living room as it is one of the peculiar Swiss styles that dominate most Swiss homes. Choose to have either green, brown, or blue colored oven. This large oven may also reach the low ceiling of your room. Often, Swiss homes have benches with cushions surrounding this oven so that people can leisurely relax beside the oven in the cold months of winter.

Use Big Oven

5. Go For Soft Colored Upholstery

Also, have high-backed sofas that are adorned with woolen blankets of soft colors. Swiss home decorating style is marked by sober colors so have sober colored upholstery on your furniture. Blue colored bedlinen are the most commonly found in several Swiss homes.

Go For Soft Colored Upholstery

6. Choose Terracotta Tiled Flooring

You can have terracotta tiles for the flooring in your living rooms as it is one of the popular flooring styles that you can discover in Swiss homes. Also, you can choose to have flooring comprising bricks. Cover the parts of floor with rag rugs as per the need.

Choose Terracotta Tiled Flooring

7. Inculcate Crochet Lace

No doubt soft colored linens, window curtains, doilies, and tablecloths dominate Swiss home interiors. However, outlining them with crochet lace is a fabulous, appreciable Swiss décor addition that helps your home dazzle in a perfect Swiss interior style. Choose cotton or woolen fabrics for interior decoration. Also, you can have your cushions and table runners designed with exquisite Swiss styled embroidery.

Inculcate Crochet Lace

8. Plant Flowering Plants

Colorful, fresh flower bouquets are indispensible part of Swiss homes. So, plant small plants in your windows such that they bloom with colorful flowers that adorn your home interiors. You can also mix small branches and foliage with berries and flowers to beautify your home. Planting flowering plants and having enchanting flowers in your home add fresh, refreshing color to your home. Try to embellish facades in your home with fascinating flower paintings to make your home more charming and refreshing in a Swiss style.

Plant Flowering Plants

Now that you know these eight Swiss home décor tips, follow them to adorn your home in a Swiss style.

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