8 Creative Ideas To Make Book Storage Interesting

Books are the most precious thing for a book lover. People who love books are always worried about taking care of their lovely books. Bookworms always wants to keep their books in a very delicate and accessible way.

Here Are 8 Creative Ideas To Make Book Storage Interesting

1. Use Book Shelve As A Wall Decoration

Use your wall decor as a book shelve. This idea will saves your space as well as it changes the look of your drawing room. Some different and crazy shapes may look beautiful and intelligent.

Use Book Shelve As A Wall Decoration

2. Use Book Shelve Cum Sofa

If you have a small house, then you can utilize your valuable space by using your sofa or chairs as a book storage. You surely get praised by your friends for this space-economic idea.
Use Book Shelve Cum Sofa

3. Boxes For Kids

Kids never keeps things in places and parents have to watch them every time. Now stop it. You may store your kids’ books in a box. It may movable. It will also help your children to use their own, separate book storage. Storing book in a box is also very easy way to keep them always within a hand distance.

Boxes For Kids


4. Use Your Table As A Book Storage

You can bring a table that will store your books. I am not making fun of you it is available in furniture showrooms.
Just imagine the thought that you are having your coffee and have access all your books at your table.

Use Your Table As A Book Storage

5. Use Crazy Shaped Book Shelves

Some people love to decorate every corner of their home. For them it is the best idea to use different shapes for storing books. It looks great as well as store books delicately.

Crazy Shaped Book Shelves

6. Use Your Corner

You may use the corners of your house as reading zone, set simple shelves at the corners of your house.
Use Your Corner

7. Use Your Staircase

Use unused place under your staircase. If we look carefully under our staircase, it is actually a meaningful space. However, we never utilize it. We can store many books under our staircases.

Use Your Staircase

8. Book Shelve For Kids’ Room

Decoration of the kids’ room is the most challenging task. Using colorful shelve in the kids room is a good idea. Kid’s shelves should have the small height so that they can use it their selves.Book Shelve For Kids’ Room


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