8 Budget-Friendly IKEA Hacks For Your Modern Home

IKEA offers to one with an amazing opportunity regarding affordable furniture and storage solutions. In small households where there’s often a space issue, these IKEA products can certainly prove to be a medicine to their problems, or even if someone doesn’t wish to spend much, they can surely lookout for IKEA products. Here are some of the following hacks by which one can easily transform the items of their daily use, and organize their home in a better way. Check this list and choose anything for your home.

Here Are 8 Budget-Friendly IKEA Hacks For Your Modern Home

1. Planked Bookcase

One can make a better and affordable books storage space for themselves by making a bookcase with a use of wooden planks and shelving brackets. You just need to nail the shelving brackets on a wooden plank and place another plank over it. Repeat the same steps for each of the plank, and as per your requirement you can build a cheap and nice looking bookcase for your use.

Planked Bookcase

2. Toilet Paper Holder

In order to make it, you just need to purchase a cylindrical utensil holder as per your requirement and mount it horizontally from the closed end with the wall. In this way it would keep your toilet paper safe and would make it readily available for your use when you run out of a one.

Toilet Paper Holder

3. Log Slab Coffee Table

Purchase a sliced wooden slab of a tree and fix it over a three or four legged iron chamber through drilling and nails. To make it look fancier, you can paint its iron legs in different colors, which would surely provide a good look to this little piece.

Log Slab Coffee Table

4. Marble Table

If you cannot afford to buy a big expensive dining table, then all you need to do is to create a wooden frame with legs and provide over it a base to place the marble of your preferred size. This would surely make a good looking dining table.

Marble Table

5. Mini Herb Garden

Get an IKEA curtain rod and attach it on any wall of your choice, preferably where there’s comes a sunlight or alongside the window you can fix it. Now with the help of the hooks, affix the cups in which you have planted the small plants. That’s how you can create a mini herb garden for your home.

Mini Herb Garden

6. Bar Cart

Get a cart frame from IKEA, and paint it if you want. Assemble it by placing a wooden or concrete or marble platform over the frame and there you have a bar cart for yourself. Use it to serve some good wine to your guests.

Bar Cart

7. Customized Hanging Lamp

In order to make it, you just need to purchase a circular concaved platter at first place. You can buy a designer one or paint a plane one as per your choice. Drill a hole in it from the center, and fix the bulb and wire through it. Your customized lamp is ready to you.

Customized Hanging Lamp

8. Bathroom Sink

If you have a small bathroom and got less space to keep other bathroom products, then you can surely purchase an IKEA bowl type basin and place it over some stool which bears a shelf space in it. You can keep your bathroom products in the shelf space while the basin sits at the top of the stool.

Bathroom Sink

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