8 Best Wall Decorating Ideas For Your Kid’s Playroom

Every child needs special play area other than the ground. The idea is to create a separate playroom for his fun and passing time. Many ideas are there to decorate and furnish the room. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend huge. They just need some innovation in their room. The funny well decorated room will be enough for them. Here we are offering some innovative ideas for your kid’s playroom. We are confident that your child will definitely like it.

Here Are 8 Best Wall Decorating Ideas For Your Kid’s Playroom

1. Forest In Room

This is a unique idea that you can do for making the playroom funny. If your child loves the forest and animal then paint the wall like a forest with many animals. Your kid will definitely enjoy playing with the lion, tiger, giraffe and birds. You can paint the entire room like he forest.

Forest In Room

2. Paste A Tree Sign With Storage

Decorate the playroom with the nature theme. Paste a tree sticker on the wall of the room. Make shelves on its branches. Place various needs of your child on those shelves. It will look funny as well as it will help your child to keep his toys and bags on the right place.

Paste A Tree Sign With Storage

3. Wall Art Gallery

Make a wall of art in the playroom of your little one. Fix bright colored frames on the wall to make it attractive with the artwork of your kid. Invest your weekends in painting. Attach all masterpieces in the frames. It has two advantages, one is you and your little one will be happy to see those paintings on the wall and you will spend a quality time with the kid.

Wall Art Gallery

4. Book Shelves

Kids love attractive decorations. You can arrange the wall hanging book shelf for them. Place some coloring books, poems books, story books and some learning books too. Don’t make it heavy because it is a kid’s room. Make the book shelves in small size to carry two to three books. Make at least three, four shelves on the wall.

Book Shelves

5. Exhibit Alphabet Cards

Decorate the wall with alphabet cards. The room will look good with colors. Your child will learn alphabets at the time of playing. You can make this design of your own with the help of your kid. It will be a fun DIY project. Cut a board in the same size and color it in your choice then write an alphabet on it with a contrast color or may be with a common color. Then hang them on the wall with rope and clip or fix them on the wall with pins.

Exhibit Alphabet Cards

6. Wall Canvas

Flourish your kid’s imagination with a giant canvas. Fix a large blackboard on a wall of your kid’s playroom. Keep a shelve under the board. Put different color chalks on the shelves. Help him to make a masterpiece. This way your kid will upgrade his imagination quality and he will be busy in some constructive work.

Wall Canvas

7. Wall Climbing

Your kid is interested in climbing? May be you can help him. Fix some rock climbing hooks on the wall and a rope climber. You will find that your kid loves the idea and he is engaging in climbing the wall. This way he will be busy and happy.

Wall Climbing

8. Open Wall Showcase

Make cubes shape shelves on the wall. You can shape it as ‘L’ or a box. Have lots of cube boxes to store kids’ stuff. Use these spaces to store giant teddy bear, toys, bags, and sports items like balls, cricket or baseball bat, football, colors, drawing books, study materials and some boxes for storing accessories.

Open Wall Showcase

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