8 Best Flooring Ideas For Livingroom

Living room is more private and less visited a space by guests, hence it is a great place to have conversation and some private space. The overall decor of living room depends a lot on the flooring ides put to place in the sense that a well designed floor is always a standalone point in any corner of the house be it as small as kitchen. Whether you choose wood, tiles or any other modern material, they all have their pros and cons. Concrete too comes out as a very feasible option for living room floor for the reason they can withstand anything. Living room flooring idea should be such that there is always a sense of ease and comfort. Choice of colors should also be abundant to make sure any last minute changes are dealt with sans hitches.

Here Are The Best Flooring Ideas For Living Room That Have Been Designed

1. Bright Wood Flooring

This is a very preferred flooring idea for living room as it defines the soft warmth with the soft color wood in use. Wood, as a material is pretty classic and shiny bright wood flooring may be used for making the living room versatile and make it appear comforting. Bright wood is also the color used in many commercial spaces. The only thing to be taken care of is the carpentry required to get the look right.

Bright Wood Flooring

2. Black And White

Once again, you have black and white combo but this time the effect should be subtle instead of being obvious. Another combination which is ruling the roost right now is black and gold hues. Whether you choose the chequered pattern for flooring or you want to bring in the living room walls into play as well, the idea is a proven success any day.

Black And White

3. Layer Of Rugs

For a very implied detailing, a layer of rugs is a great flooring idea for living rooms. This layering can be done either in a small or large space of the living with a huge palette of colors that rugs come in. However, any stark contrast between the small and larger area’s rug can end up being a complete zero effect look. Therefore, stick with neutral options.

Layer Of Rugs

4. Brick Tiles

This is a very interesting idea of living room to have found a lot of takers of late. Te unfinished look that brick tiles have speak volumes about the rustic charm it delivers. And of course it is lot more easier to clean and maintain than others. Popular patterns to get brick tile living room in all its glory are running bond, basket weave and herringbone. Sweep the floor well and use soap to clean mud; this helps in retaining dirt free look of the floor.

Brick Tiles

5. Concrete Tiles

Made of well cut, finished and polished tiles, concrete tiles perhaps takes you back to Stone Age. The tiles not only look robust, they are also pretty customizable. As a matter of fact, they can be stained and scored to give a marble look. Concrete tiles too can be demanding some periodical repair and moisture must not sneek in the tiles.

Concrete Tiles

6. Whitewash Wood

You can play two cards in one hand with whitewashed wood. If you want timeless appeal and zero maintenance to the living room floor, go for oak since they are known to be durable. On the other hand if you want the sheen to wear out for a rustic look, pine is your go-to whitewashed wood. On a whole whitewashed wood’s soft and hard profile has a very casual vibe meant for all seasons.

Whitewash Wood

7. Slate Tiles

They look painfully gloomy when compared to the sheen of oak wood but this too works wonders for slate tiles for they are pet proof and pretty easy to maintain. The color option meant for slate tiles may be less but what they do have is lot of earthy feel and are ultra cool surface, same reason why it is advised to be layered with rugs or carpet.

Slate Tiles

8. Natural Stone Tiles

As a living room tiles, few can boast of natural gradations. Natural stone tiles are pretty uneven when it comes to surface appearance but nevertheless appealing. These tiles can be arrange in variety of patterns including geometric diamond and even honeycomb maze. The look goes best with plaster walls. For a complete overhaul on the living room, you can also opt for wall as well as floor made of natural stone.

Natural Stone Tiles

These exceptional ideas are totally worth decorating your house. You can choose the best one for your house.

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