8 Best Flooring Ideas For Hallways

Hallways are not jut the interior passage to your entire house where all the rooms are opened an accessed; it is also the gateway spot for guests who come to your place. Therefore it is absolutely important to have an impressive set up including a great flooring design or idea that gives an impression of class and warmth once the guests enter your house. A nice looking, well thought flooring idea also makes the hallway a place appear clutter free and spacious despite having a few furniture. Hallway floors are instantly noticed for the way it is built and what it has in store as far as decorating items are concerned that makes an impact. Hallway flooring is all about choosing the perfect surface which sticks to it appeal factor all the year round. Here are the 8 best flooring ideas for hallways, some pretty much in use and some that have made it big in very small time in terms of impact.

Here Are 8 Best Flooring Ideas For Hallways

1. Black And White Flooring

The evergreen black and white or chessboard flooring simply refuses to be out of the contention for many years now, and for a good reason. The reason; irrespective of how big or small, narrow or broad the hallway is, the pattern makes the hallway appear spacious. Chequered floor are also noticeable in many office spaces as they exude certain kind of sophistication. Besides, black and white as a color makes the hallway floor very neutral and can go well with whatever decorating items are added in the hallway.

Black And White Flooring

2. Painted Flooring

If looking for a very distressed and cottage like flooring appearance, go for painted flooring. The worn out look of the flooring is achieved with stone wash painting technique wherein the deep coat of paint is made to fade in order to have a subtle wash of color. Hues of pale yellow, green and gray makes for perfect flooring color as opposed to dark ones that have light absorbing tendency thereby making the hallway appear cluttered and somewhat dingy.

Painted Flooring

3. Carpet Flooring

For the most typical and Middle Eastern flooring idea, carpet flooring is perhaps the best and the only idea that comes to mind. Carpet hallway flooring is also very versatile and flexible as you get to remove them in case you are willing to try out new hallway flooring idea. On a whole, it is the never ending carpet designs that leave the home owners with a lot to choose at any point of time. Carpet floors somewhat maintain warm temperature in the hallway that could give cozy feeling altogether.

Carpet Flooring

4. Dark Wood Hallway Flooring With Bookshelf Staircase

For the most glamorized hallway flooring, look no beyond dark wood hallway flooring especially when your house is more like a venue for official activity as well. The more polished the dark wood hallway flooring is, the strong the style statement becomes. Add novelty and storage space with the bookshelf staircase that does not usurp space in small hallways.

Dark Wood Hallway Flooring With Bookshelf Staircase

5. Bright Stripes Flooring

These hallway flooring have their own charm and grace but more importantly, bright stripes hallway flooring made of vinyl clothing are easy to maintain and care. The flooring in bright stripes is essentially for those who do not favor the over the top design and décor. Vibrant vibes are bound to be evoked with bright stripes hallway flooring which is finding acceptance, finally.

Bright Stripes Flooring

6. Graphic Design

The most contemporary of al hallway flooring ideas, they give a lot of smart color and design option as hallway flooring. These are basically handmade cement tiles that have interesting patterns of design with equally smart color combinations. For the most unique and modern set up of your hallway flooring, graphic designers are hard to beat.

Graphic Design

7. Cushion Hallway Flooring

More than creating impression in the minds of guests, cushion hallway flooring is great an option for the homes with toddlers. Another advantage on very practical grounds cushion hallway flooring has that it brings the noise level down quite a bit. It is made of non absorbent materials and that makes it quite the fabric which is easy to use.

Cushion Hallway Flooring

8. Carpet Tiles

An extremely stylish and traditional idea that is noticed instantly due to the diagonally cut hard wearing carpet tiles, they can be very useful for the more visited, wandered area of the hallway. Though the colors look a little meek, nonetheless the impact is big. Instead of going overboard in glamour, carpet tiles give a very homely feel to the hallway.

Carpet Tiles

The above mentioned hallway flooring ideas are totally unique and exceptional. YOu can choose the best one for you.

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